Can You Put Glass Cookware In An Air Fryer?


Since the air fryer is a relatively new kitchen device, I’m sure many early adopters will look around the kitchen and wonder about the possibilities

Wondering if you can use glass cookware in an air frying pan, and does the glass bowl have an upper-temperature limit? Is there a situation where glass cookware is unsafe to put in an air frying pan? This article is for you.

Can You Put Glass In Air Fryer?

Yes, you can put glass cookware in an air frying pan. Do not place the glass cookware when it is cold, as it can cause thermal stress, and preheat it with warm water for added safety before placing it in an air frying pan.

Note: The temperature of the air fryer rises so much in a few minutes that most ordinary glass bowls will not withstand temperature changes and shattering or exploding. Therefore, it is best to check the label and place it in an air frying pan without food.

How to Check if Your Glass Cookware is Air Fryer Safe?

The best and easiest way to check is for the manufacturer to stamp a safety sign on the air fryer or simply write “Air fryer safe” on the glass cooker. Usually, this can be found on a product basis.

Does Glass Cookware Work Well in An Air Fryer?

Anyone who has been using an air frying pan for a long time is probably already aware of the first important element of an air frying pan — airflow! Since air fryers rely on hot air circulating around the cooking chamber to cook, we quickly learned never to prevent this in any way.

That’s why the empty fryer is traditional and the main part is the cooking basket. It has large holes that allow air to easily pass through and around your food. This is an essential element if you want to make your food crispy. By the same token, even the extra baking pan we bought for the Philips Air fryer had holes in it.

Therefore, using glass bowls or some kind of glass cooker with no holes may not be a good idea. You block the airflow around the food and cooking food at the bottom of the glass bowl may take longer (for example), resulting in uneven cooking and can be frustrating.

Advantages of Glass In Air Fryer

You can reheat and reheat glass containers repeatedly without worrying about any chemicals seeping into your food. Glass containers are non-toxic, easy to clean, keep warm longer, and have a transparent surface. So it’s the best option for many of us.

Disadvantages of Glass In Air Fryer

Although you can use glass in an air fryer and consider it safe, there is one downside you need to consider.

An air frying pan works by circulating a large amount of air frying pan around the air frying pan. When you use an air frying pan container or an air frying pan glass bowl in an air frying pan, circulation is not good.

This means food will last longer if it is cooked with glass in an air frying pan.

Tips for Keeping Glass from Breaking in the Air Fryer?

If you really don’t want your glass bowl to shatter in an air frying pan, there are a few precautions you can take.

  • Use tempered or oven safety glass. Wine glasses and glass bowls usually won’t stand the heat of the oven, so never leave them in an oven or air frying pan unless they are specifically marked “oven-safe.” For safety reasons, use oven-safe or toughened glass bowls that can withstand much higher temperatures than regular glass bowls.
  • Avoid high temperatures. Oven-safe glass bowls operate at 350 to 450 degrees F and always read the label correctly to understand the glass bowl’s limits. At high temperatures, the glass begins to lose its shape or begin to crack, potentially exploding. So, to be safe, try to stay below the temperature limit.
  • Don’t change the temperature suddenly. A sudden change in temperature is the main cause of glass breakage. For example, you put a glass bowl filled with leftover food from the refrigerator into an air frying pan. It can cause the glass to shatter and can be harmful. You can wait for the glass to reach room temperature and then put it in an air frying pan at the lowest possible temperature.
  • Look for structural defects in the glass. Even oven safety glass can shatter if the glass bowl is weak. Hold the glass bowl under the light and observe for small cracks, irregularities in the surface of the glass, and color changes. All of these indicate that the glass is of poor quality. To enjoy your food, buy a new oven-safe glass bowl that you can use in your air fryers.


Thank you for reading our article on using glass cookers in air fryers

In short, as long as your bowl or cooker is ovenproof, it’s fine in your air frying pan. However, air fryers change temperature much faster than regular ovens. These rapid temperature changes can cause your glass cooker to crack. Therefore, if your cooker is oven-safe, we recommend that you try it a few times on the highest temperature air frying pan, without eating first. Basically, this type of glassware is not specifically designed for empty fryers, so care needs to be taken.

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