Where Are LG Appliances Made? Everything You Need to Know


In both America and Europe, the brand LG has emerged as a leading appliance manufacturer. The most often question asked is where are LG appliances made?

LG products are made all over the world and include 128 factory locations for select types of appliances and products.

Here are some useful responses if you have questions about the manufacturing location of your LG product.

What is LG?

LG is a South Korean multinational conglomerate that operates in over 80 countries worldwide, producing electronics, chemicals, and telecommunications products, including major and small home appliances.

Through their subsidiaries, they’re also active in other industries, such as engineering, information technology, and power generation.

Where Are LG Appliances Made?

Where Are LG Appliances Made

There is more than one location where LG appliances are made. They have established production facilities in numerous nations across various continents in order to serve their global market.

Most of their products are primarily manufactured in South Korea, with some being made in China. With the exception of the United States, the world is a small place.

Further west, LG has manufacturing sites in the USA and they take up a large market share of home appliance manufacturing in Mexico will serve the North and South American markets’ needs. They also have locations in Europe and other Asian nations.

South Korea

Given that LG is a South Korean company, it makes sense that many of its production facilities are located there. Each LG factory in South Korea assembles different electronics and appliances. Many nations and territories, primarily in Asia and Australia, receive these goods.

In recent years, however, LG’s South Korean plants have decreased production, with the company relocating manufacturing to other parts of the world.


LG’s manufacturing sites in China are quite large-scale, with each of them producing numerous electronics. For instance, one factory can produce over 1 million OLED displays annually, just for the local market. OLED displays are in high demand.

While some products and parts are shipped to other countries, particularly in Asia, Africa, and the US, LG’s China manufacturing facilities ship the majority of their output domestically to satisfy domestic market demand.


A few years ago, LG constructed a massive factory in Tennessee, where the brand will have most of its appliances for the US market produced. With the help of this facility, North and South American markets can now be more easily reached by Western markets by streamlining production and delivery.


To help with the manufacturing of appliances for Western markets, LG also has three sizable manufacturing facilities in Mexico. The largest one is for Monterrey, while the other two are for Reynosa and Mexicali.

Numerous factories producing appliances and electronics have chosen Mexico as their preferred location. Numerous products have been produced for customers in North and South America at these LG factories for years.

Other Locations in Europe and Asia

In addition to these four principal manufacturing nations, LG also has facilities in Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Poland, and other countries.

What Products Does LG SE Sell?

LG produces a wide variety of goods, ranging from modest home goods to substantial enterprise solutions. Here’s what you can find in their catalog:

Home Appliance and Air Solution

Major household appliances made by LG include air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, cooking appliances, and other built-in appliances. They also manufacture compact home appliances like dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and vacuum cleaners.

Home Entertainment

The home entertainment products produced by LG, such as televisions, monitors, personal computers and accessories, and audio and video equipment, are frequently the way that many people first become familiar with the company. LG also produces smartphones.

Vehicle Component Solutions

In addition, LG produces goods for automobiles like HVAC systems, motor and vehicle engineering, and in-car infotainment (audio and TV).

Business Solutions

In addition to providing solutions for homes, LG also provides commercial display solutions, solar solutions, energy storage systems (ESS), and energy management solutions (EMS) for businesses.

Are LG Products Worth Buying?

The quality of LG appliances and products is very good and has affordable pricing anywhere they are sold. They aren’t so pricy compared to other brand-name kitchen appliances either. Customers are becoming aware of LG products’ superior durability.

Electronic appliances like smartphones and TVs are very well-liked because many LG products are inexpensive. These are a no-brainer to purchase now that so many budget-friendly retailers, including Target and Best Buy, carry LG products.

Final Words: Where Are LG Appliances Made

LG washing machines are manufactured across multiple facilities, as this article explains.

There is a high demand for LG appliances and the company has established manufacturing plants at strategic locations to be able to meet demands. No matter where the manufacturing plant is located, LG ensures the highest level of quality assurance and control during production.

Therefore, you can be sure that your LG washing machine will be of the same quality regardless of where it was made.

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