Why My Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue or White?


The Ring Doorbell is equipped with a peephole camera. It has an LED light on it, which can help users solve any problem of the doorbell. When you first install the device, you will notice that the blue or white light is filled with circles, indicating that the doorbell is charging.

But what if you can see ring doorbell flashing blue or white every day? Of course, so far, ring doorbell flashing blue has been charged. Well, if so, your ring doorbell flashing blue or white wants to tell you something. To find out why Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue or White, read on.


Design and features

The ring video doorbell features satin nickel and a smooth black finish (also Venetian Bronze), maintaining the same design used in the original, video doorbell 2 and video doorbell 3 plus. Its size is 4.9 × two point four × 1.1 inch (HWD), better than vivint doorbell camera pro (4.6 × one point five × 1.3 inch) is more bulky, but still more expensive than its brother product video doorbell 3 plus (5.1 × two point four × 1.1 inches) smaller.


The black top part of the device contains a camera and a microphone, while the silver bottom part contains a doorbell button. When the button is pressed, there is a blue flashing LED ring around the doorbell. A speaker is installed at the bottom edge for two-way communication and ringing the door bell.

Ring doorbell pros and cons


Ring doorbell pros

  • It is relatively easy to install and operate the bell.
  • It is equipped with intuitive and seamless applications.
  • When the doorbell rings, you can use the nanny camera
  • It is characterized by two-way communication

Ring doorbell cons

  • Although it is a great device, the doorbell has some disadvantages
  • Short battery life
  • It works best with a strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Unscheduled motion sensor
  • Wi-Fi problem

Why the doorbell flashes blue?


As we have already mentioned, when the mobile phone is charged, users will see the blue light flashing in front of the ring tone. However, if you determine that the battery is full, there may be other reasons for ring doorbell flashing blue. In addition, the patterns you see will help you understand the problem. Let’s explore the different ways in which the device flashes blue and its meaning.

The blue light is spinning – if you see this, you just press the button on the doorbell.

Blue light moves up – this light indicates that the doorbell is connected to the network.

The blue light flashes for a second. If you see this pattern, it means that the camera on the doorbell starts to work. If it persists, you will process a boot loop.

The ring shows a constant blue light – a steady blue light means the speaker is on.

The halo displays a brief blue flash followed by a white circle – this complex light indicates that the device has performed a factory reset.

Before you think there is something wrong with your ring doorbell flashing blue, be sure to check the information being conveyed by the device. For visual representation, see this link. However, if you’re sure you don’t see any of the above, let’s see what the possible reasons are.

Occasionally, when Wi-Fi problems occur, users will see flashing blue light. When a Wi-Fi problem occurs, the device may be in the middle of an update. If so, then blue light will continue to exist.

Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is secure. Unless the connection is firm and stable, these devices will not work properly. If you can, move the router closer to the device. Or upgrade to a better Internet package. However, before you pay for a better package, follow these steps to check whether the device is disconnected and how strong your signal is.

There are different ways to determine whether the doorbell has lost Wi Fi connection. If so, you will not receive any notifications on the application. In addition, the application does not display events. These can be as simple as ringing a doorbell or motion detection.

In addition, you may see soft white light on the doorbell. So what is the solution? This is relatively simple – restart the router. When this is done, reconnect the doorbell to the Wi Fi connection. This should work to help fix the ring doorbell flashing blue.


Some signs that the signal is not strong enough are as follows:

  • The video is of poor quality.
  • You will not be notified in real time.
  • You don’t always get notifications.
  • Live view cannot be connected.
  • It takes a few seconds to connect to the live view.
  • Power problem

Another reason you may see flashing blue light is insufficient power. In order to operate smoothly, the equipment needs to have sufficient voltage. Some users decide to buy additional transformers because the transformers they already own can’t support all the equipment in their home or their doorbell. For example, it may not display video.

To confirm that the problem is insufficient power, you can view the following signs:

  • In live activity mode, the doorbell freezes.
  • Ringing doorbells often lose touch.
  • The night vision is broken.

You can check the voltage required by the device in the ring application. Go to device health. There, you will see the power required for normal operation.


Finally, ring doorbell flashing blue may also be a sign of device failure. If you doubt this, please contact customer service. They may ask you to send videos and pictures of your device to help them identify the problem. If they confirm that the ring doorbell flashing blue is due to an error in the model, you will get a replacement from them.

Why the doorbell is flashing white?

If you browse the ring website, you will see that they say it is caused by low-power transmission or network connection interruption. To determine the cause, check the following symptoms:

  • Soft white light flickers
  • Pressing the button will make some sound
  • Event recording stopped
  • There are no app alerts on your phone

Therefore, if you are faced with the above situation of ring doorbell flashing white, let’s see how you can solve this problem. The conditions listed above indicate that your ringing device is not connected to Wi-Fi.


In most cases, the device starts working normally after the router is restarted. But don’t worry, if your problem still hasn’t been solved, I have more solutions to solve it.

In some places with frequent power outages, this may be the reason why ring doorbell flashes white light.

However, the following situations are also possible:

  • low pressure
  • Change WiFi password
  • Loose wiring
  • Excess power / high voltage supply

As you can see, there are many possibilities for flashing white light in the ring device. But ensuring that the Internet is not the reason for doing so is the best choice. To do this, you just need to check the Internet connection on the application. If it is connected, the problem is another problem, otherwise repairing the Internet connection will solve the problem.

If you don’t see any connections in the application, you must check your router to ensure that the wires are properly placed and that all the lights are green.

Everything is OK, then turn off the router and devices, wait a few minutes, and then restart them. Your doorbell is still flashing white. It may be a power problem.

However, ring said that it is rare to open the ringtone video doorbell in the new tab. Will go offline due to insufficient power. The device may not receive power from the doorbell transformer.

I also found on the ring doorbell website that more than 16V AC power supply is also one of the reasons. Therefore, if your power supply is lower than 16vac, you can solve this problem.

You can also check our article on “no charge for ringing the doorbell”, which can help you get rid of this problem quickly.

On ring’s website, most of the questions are about battery and Wi Fi connection. I remember the process of repairing my device and the research I did to solve it.

Sometimes fixing problems can be frustrating, so ring makes the process simple and fast. If your device still doesn’t work, you can call ring support, who will help and ensure that it doesn’t work through a small process. If the problem is not fixed, ring will send you to a brand new device for free.

What if the doorbell doesn’t ring?


If you are here now, it only means that you have completed all troubleshooting options, but have not found any solution to the problem. But don’t worry, if you have the “problem of not ringing the doorbell”, there are only two reasons.

There is something wrong with your ringing device speaker, or the microphone is not working or enabled. If your microphone is not connected to the ringtone device, you will not hear any sound from the ringtone.

You can check the ring application and try to enable the microphone several times. If it cannot be repaired, you may need to purchase a new microphone.


For iPhone, set up the application so that the device can use the microphone.

However, if there is a problem with the speakers, you can view this page and open it in the new tab of the ring website to learn how to replace the speakers and how easy it is to replace the speakers. You can ask questions and solve your problems in the ring community forum. Usually, they will answer quickly and help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

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