Best Smart Appliances Review 2022 – Price & Function


In today’s best smart appliances review, we will introduce a variety of smart appliances that can bring us a lot of conveniences. They are Eufy video doorbell, Google nest mini, tp-link HS100 KASA smart Wi-Fi plug, and shark IQ robot self empty XL r101ae vacuum cleaner. These smart home devices can let you use your mobile phone or voice to control lights Heating, locks, devices plugged into power outlets, etc, so as to make your life easier – creating the epitome of a modern house.

These smart home devices can not only let you adjust these systems at home but also let you control them when you leave home. Don’t waste energy and money because you have left home and the lights or heating are still on. No matter where you are, just turn them off from your smartphone.


There are a variety of smart home devices on the market, so it may be confusing to know where to start your smart home journey. For those who give priority to simplicity and economy, the best smart plug and switch and the best smart lighting should be your first purchase.

The installation is simple and the price is relatively cheap. It can be quickly added to the smart speaker or smart display to bring voice control to your smart home.
For those who want to build a more complex smart home, work together on different devices, automate your property, and then consider investing in the best home safety camera, the best video doorbell, and the best smart thermostat. This means that if the family safety camera or video doorbell detects activity, you can turn on the light automatically. Let’s take a look at these four lovely smart home devices.

1. Eufy Video Doorbell


What is Eufy video doorbell?

In terms of price, reliability and performance, Eufy video doorbell may be one of the best video doorbells on the market. Compared with the first generation rings and even the recent August landscape, Eufy blew them away.

This is especially true if you rent a place and can’t get out the old doorbell that has been installed. Since Eufy works wirelessly with the help of a hub connected to the router, you can work it for up to six months at a time by throwing it on any outdoor surface with a suitable installation device.

Unfortunately, this Smart Appliance has several small problems – for example, you need to physically remove the camera every six months to charge the battery for about six hours, and a little delay in talking to field personnel – but it works quite well as a security camera.

How does the Eufy video doorbell work?


Eufy security wireless doorbell camera is derived from the original ringtone and has been greatly improved in resolution and performance – the camera loads faster on Eufy and feels more stable than on ringtone.

Part of the reason is related to Homebase. Homebase lays the foundation for faster connection, but you must also consider the resolution of 2K camera, which is twice that of 1080p security camera and four times that of 720p camera (such as the first generation ring).

Another difference is that it records with an aspect ratio of 4:3, which means that when people approach the door, you can see their faces. This is very important when you need to find out some details for the police report, if you need to provide a report.

Unfortunately, although the definition is good, this Eufy camera only supports wide dynamic range, not high dynamic range, which means that the color is softer and details may be lost in very bright cases. Thankfully, Eufy has a pretty good night mode, which is very suitable for monitoring the particularly dark areas of your home.

another potential drawback pointed out by some people about the Eufy camera is that this Smart Appliance can read 16GB of on-board storage space quite quickly because it records at 2K resolution Correspondingly, 16GB can still store video for more than two weeks. Eufy will eventually enable the option of adding storage via USB on Homebase.

The bad news here is that although this Smart Appliance’s design is solid and the playback effect of recorded events is good, it is not the most sensitive when actually opening the door. Whether you watch it on your mobile phone or on a smart screen such as Google home hub, it takes a few seconds to start the video stream. There will be a small delay from the time you send the voice message to the time of arrival, so it is difficult to have a complete conversation.

Thankfully, the Eufy app allows you to send some preset responses that can be sent quickly, such as “please leave the package at the door” or “we’ll be right there”, but it would be better if there wasn’t such a big delay between the app and the camera.

What are the functions of Eufy video doorbell?


Eufy security doorbell has two main components. The actual doorbell camera itself and the Homebase mentioned above are in the box.

The security doorbell, as you would expect, has a rather slim, basic all black design with a front camera and a built-in microphone, while Eufy Homebase looks like an all white wireless router – it’s quite simple, but still a little cumbersome. Of course, this is ironic because you need to connect it to the router and find all the wires in the box to do so.

Now, at the beginning, we are not willing to give up a port on the router for a product and choose a product such as smart home hub, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Homebase acts as the brain of the entire system. This Smart Appliance securely stores all the shots – which means that if your camera is stolen, all the videos are still safely stored in it. Even better, Eufy uses a proprietary communication technology that saves more power than standard Wi Fi, so that the wireless camera can work for months without charging.

Even better, Homebase supports up to 16 devices, which means that if you want to expand your home system with a bunch of Eufy cam 2 cameras, you won’t have any trouble.

Homebase can also be used as a bell, which is good, but if you need this Smart Appliance, you can also get mobile notifications on IOS and Android.

Eufy video doorbell Pros and Cons


Eufy video doorbell pros

  • Monthly subscription is not required
  • Battery powered options
  • 4:3 ratio at 2K resolution

Eufy Video Doorbell Cons

  • Voice chat and video delay
  • Some downtime requiring charging
  • WDR is not as good as HDR

How much does Eufy video doorbell cost?


Eufy began to provide a wired version of the doorbell camera in 2019, but we didn’t get a wireless version that didn’t need a wired connection to the house until 2021.

In terms of price, both the doorbell camera and the included Homebase cost $199.99/159.99 (~ a $285), and you need to connect directly to the router. You can find a stand-alone version with only a doorbell on Eufy’s website for $119, but you should only buy it if you already have Eufy settings at home.

From this figure, the price of Eufy smart doorbell is only slightly lower than ring doorbell 3 plus ($229) and slightly higher than nest hello and Arlo video doorbell ($179 and $150, respectively).

How to use Eufy video doorbell?


Setting up this system is not as simple as adding some new headphones, but it is not as difficult as you think, especially when you drill holes in wood.

For this purpose, Eufy provides you with a mounting bracket for fixing the doorbell camera and a mounting wedge in case you need to adjust the angle of the camera. Provide screws and anchors if drilling into concrete wall panels is required.

Because we rent a house, we choose to install the Eufy wireless system directly on the wooden frame of the door. We can complete this work in 10 minutes. Of course, you can install it anywhere outside, but because of wireless and our workers’ ability is not as good as masons, the wood works best, and some invisible holes will be left when moving away.

Before installing the camera into the housing, you need to ensure that the camera is fully charged (the microusb port can be found in the rubber cover on the back) and paired with Homebase and Eufy applications.

Thankfully, the latter is quite easy to do. You will download the application, if you have not already created an account, create an account, and then touch the “add new device” option. Homebase will sound a high tone and pair them when the doorbell camera hears it. The whole process took another 5 to 10 minutes. It shouldn’t be too difficult.


This Smart Appliance is the best wireless smart doorbell camera on the market in terms of price,reliability and performance Although it is equivalent to the Arlo video doorbell in terms of being able to see the full picture of the people at the door, it is a free subscription (the bundled base station can accommodate up to 16GB of video, worth about two weeks) to ensure that the equipment will not incur continuous costs.

If you rent a place and can’t get the installed old doorbell, the battery-powered doorbell is good – it works wirelessly through a hub connected to the router. You just need to throw the Eufy video doorbell on any outdoor surface for up to six months at a time.

2. Google Nest Mini

What is Google Nest Mini?

If you like to chat with a cute, learn about the weather, play podcasts, listen to recipes, or ask what the national capital is, Google nest Mini is one of the cheapest and most reliable voice assistant speakers you can buy.

What is puzzling is that this Smart Appliance is an equally powerful but not so loud brother with the larger Google home, which has not been renamed nest. If you want audio ribs, Google home is only 40 pounds more, 89 pounds more. But the advantage of nest Mini lies in its size and the attraction of placing one in several rooms in your home.

  • Dimensions: 98mm x 42mm
  • Weight: 181g
  • Connectivity: WiFi AC, Bluetooth 5.0, chromecast
  • Speaker: one 40mm driver

How does Google Nest Mini work?


You have to be the Columbus of consumer technology to distinguish the nest Mini from the old home Mini. You wouldn’t say that the fabric speaker cover is now made of recycled plastic bottles. Here’s a fascinating new sky blue color – we reviewed standard Chalk – as well as red and black versions.

A new addition is a built-in wall mounted Mini that lets you hang the nest like an inverted smart pendulum. Once you overcome this strange expression, it actually means that the speaker’s head is close to each other and sounds better in the correct position than when on a shelf or table.

Of course, you still need to plug it in. Now the plug is round, not the old version of micro USB. If you don’t want the nest mini to hear your every cry, you can still use the physical switch on the side where the built-in microphone is turned off, but when it is turned on, it does make things useless.

The biggest compliment you can give to nest Mini is that Amazon has obviously copied its latest echo dot design. It used to look like a black plastic ice hockey. Nest Mini is the simplest smart home device; Cute, low-key, Zen – when it doesn’t make a sound, that’s it.

What are the features of Google nest mini?


Google claims that the bass of nest Mini is twice better than before. We agree with this statement, but we cannot recommend it as a substitute for high fidelity sound. It’s perfect for playing podcasts or shipping forecasts in the kitchen, but once you start playing music, it’s no longer bass, but treble. We soon found ourselves refusing the traffic jam and reaching for sono.

But for less critical music fans, the nest Mini’s volume is amazing, and it won’t distort at high volume – you’ll be happy with its sound because you paid the price.

Another improvement here is far-field speech recognition – we don’t have to shout to make nest Mini hear us. Even if the guitar and drums sounded “OK Google” on the other side of the room, it was enough to see the four lights on. Usually, we have to express our orders in a louder voice than the trigger word, but this is still impressive, indicating that Google has stuffed some decent microphones into this little thing.

One thing I’m really excited about is the various color options of Google nest Mini. I always care about aesthetics, which is why I like smart speakers with chalk, charcoal, coral and even water. The last two can illuminate any space, so you don’t want to hide your speaker, but show it off.

This Smart Appliance must be plugged into the socket through a 15W power adapter, which should not be a problem during installation. The speaker itself has a diameter of 3.85 inches and a height of only 1.65 inches, so it will not occupy too much golden space on shelves or tables.

Now, the Google nest Mini we are talking about is a smart speaker, so high-quality sound is essential. Fortunately, Google nest Mini provides 360 degree sound through three fair field microphones and a 40mm driver, creating clear audio. Whether you use your Google nest mini to listen to your favorite real crime podcast, or let it tell you the steps of poaching eggs, you can rest assured that you will hear clear audio.

Google Nest Mini Pros and Cons


Google Nest Mini Pros

  • Google nest Mini can start building your smart home for less than $50.
  • Google has many impressive partners, especially if you like music.
  • Google nest Mini is made of recycled plastic
  • Google assistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Local BBC broadcasting

Google Nest Mini Cons

  • No 3.5mm input
  • Privacy issues of smart speakers
  • Not a very full room
  • Although Google provides shopping services through Google express, some people may prefer to shop on Amazon.

What is the price of Google nest mini?


This Smart Appliance costs 49 pounds and is available in four colors: chalk, charcoal, coral and sky. It also often discounts to 34 pounds or less.

In contrast, the Google home Mini costs £ 19, Google home costs £ 49, Google home Max costs £ 199, nest hub costs £ 119, nest hub Max costs £ 199 and Amazon echo dot costs £ 24.

How to use Google nest mini?


Thanks to the Google home application, setting up Google nest Mini is a very simple process. But before you start, plug in the speaker and give it half a minute to start. Next, enter the application and click the plus sign in the left corner to add a device. You will then select a home for your device, synchronize it with the application, and perform a sound test to ensure that all devices are connected. When you’re done, you can name Google nest mini and connect it to Wi Fi.

Next, if you haven’t set up Google assistant yet, you will set up Google assistant. I find this a very interesting process. With voice matching technology, you can say “good Google” in many ways, so that the speaker will not respond to everyone who says Google. Next, I linked my music and video services and phone numbers. Now, playing lizzo is like saying, “Hey, Google, play lizzo!” Just as simple.

People often forget that when Google launched its first home mini car, its touch system was so damaged that Google turned it off worldwide through software updates. Snafu has been flying under radar, and the hardware can realize the function that no one can use.

Thankfully, the nest Mini’s touch control is working properly. A simple boo on the nose will pause any program being played, and then tap to continue. When your hand is close to it, it can also sense it and turn on the volume control LED for you to adjust – before you can only adjust by voice command.

Google claims that nest Mini adjusts the sound according to the ambient noise, so if the washing machine is running, it will play a louder sound if necessary. It’s hard to say whether this is true, but we have no problem chatting with antiques, so we don’t complain.

The speaker also has a machine learning chip to better understand common commands. This can speed up response time by processing requests locally rather than in the cloud, but at present this is a unique feature in the United States.

You can even go all out to link your spotify and Netflix accounts through the Google home app, through which nest Mini can control your music and TV. After inserting chromecast into the TV, you should be able to ask Netflix to play streaming media programs, but in our test, we continue to receive error messages. Even the dream of picking up the remote control to watch crown six hours is very close to us, but it is far from us.

Smart home integration is very simple. It supports the popular Philips Color Smart bulb series and, of course, nest smart thermostat.


Google nest Mini is a direct competitor of Amazon echo dot. Both products claim to complete almost the same work at the same price. This can be attributed to personal preferences: those who are used to Alexa are likely to stay on Amazon, while Google users will choose nest mini, or more likely a slightly more powerful Google smart speaker. Nest Mini is a perfect starting point, however, for anyone who knows Google assistant but has never entered the world of smart speakers.

This is a great kit, its sound quality is much better than its size, and the microphone can easily cope with most situations. Its key function is to provide the best voice assistant on the market. At an RRP of £ 49 – and regular quotes that drive prices down further – you won’t make mistakes.


3. TP-Link HS100 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug


What is the tp link hs100 KASA smart Wi Fi plug?

This Smart Appliance may not be the sexiest kit in your smart home, but tp link hs100 is a cost-effective way to better control your dumb device. The KASA application has a large number of functions and can even monitor the power consumption of each device, making the hs100 a source of information and a way to remotely control devices. If you are looking for a smart plug with complete functions and low price, smart Wi Fi plug is a good choice.

Tp link hs100 KASA smart Wi Fi plug may not be the most attractive accessory of smart home. A simple adapter that plugs into a wall outlet and controls the power supply of a single device, or a multi-channel adapter that plugs into multiple devices. You can turn it on and off with its discrete buttons, but most of the time you want to use the KASA application installed on Android or IOS devices.

The hs100 has a socket with a gray power button on this Smart Appliance. The button has two built-in indicators: one for displaying Wi Fi status and the other for indicating when the socket is powered on. At the top, there is a tiny reset switch, while the back panel is blank, except for the plug pins.

How does the tp link hs100 KASA smart Wi Fi plug work?


Like other smart plugs, the hs100 cannot control everything. When the power is turned on, non switchgear or equipment with mechanical control will start obediently, but many products with electronic control will default to standby mode. Caution is also worth it: for example, we will not add intelligent control to heaters without overheating or tipping protection. Similarly, it is not a good idea to cut off the power of computers or projectors without turning them off first.

The KASA device of tp link can be used with any wireless network in the 2.4GHz band, which will make it compatible with any wireless router in the past few decades. There is no expensive starter kit to buy, but the disadvantage is that unlike some smart ecosystems, KASA devices may be more vulnerable to wireless coverage and interference problems.

This smart plug is not too big, but this Smart Appliance does violate the dividing line of gang adapter. There is enough space in the next socket to install the standard plug, but another hs100 cannot be installed. Viewed from the side, it is about twice as deep as the grounding pin on the plug.

If a standard plug is inserted, the total depth of nearly 7 cm may make it more difficult to install behind the furniture. Unfortunately, both indicators cannot be turned off. If you plan to use a smart plug in your bedroom, it may distract you, although the LED is not particularly bright.

What are the functions of tp link hs100 KASA smart Wi Fi plug?


Aside from these small problems, it’s easy to live with hs100. Plug it in and connect it to your local Wi Fi network in seconds. You need to install the free KASA application, which can detect the plug and let you configure a name and custom icon to help you remember what it is connected to. Although the plug itself only supports 2.4GHz network, the application has no problem finding it through our mobile phone’s 5GHz connection to the dual band router.

Tp link’s KASA application is easy to use. The devices you added are displayed on the devices tab and grouped by their functions: smart lighting, smart plug, etc. You can click the power icon here to turn on and off the device, or click the device icon to enter the more detailed control page.

Options vary depending on the device type, but for the hs100, you can create a schedule, set a countdown or leave mode, or get information about when the plug is turned on on on the last day, week, or month. By paying an additional fee for hs110, you will also see how much energy is used by the connected equipment. The countdown timer can turn on or off the socket, and the “away” mode can be switched freely to help thieves mistakenly think someone is at home.

TP-Link HS100 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Pros and Cons


TP-Link HS100 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Pros

  • Neat design
  • Google homepage; Alexa and ifttt support; Good value
  • No special Internet center is required
  • It’s small and light
  • It is easy to use and set up
  • Even if you are not at home, you can remotely control the smart plug through the smart phone
  • You can use it to save energy and reduce electricity bills
  • It provides some useful functions,such as away mode or its running schedule

TP-Link HS100 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Cons

  • Depth can cause problems
  • Apple homekit or generate ifttt triggers are not supported
  • 2W power consumption
  • Smart Wi Fi plug does not provide energy monitoring report
  • There is no application for windows, no website to remotely control TP-LINK hs110, only a smartphone application
  • TP-LINK cloud based ecosystem lacks security functions such as two-step verification. In addition, the KASA for mobile app is not pin or fingerprint protected.
  • Android mobile applications should need to access less information
  • If you accidentally set the timer, scheduler, and leave mode, they may conflict with each other

What is the price of tp link HS100 KASA smart Wi-Fi plug?


For $29.99, this Smart Appliance can control any electronic device, including light, coffee maker and air conditioner directly from your mobile phone. It also provides voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google assistant, and integrates with other smart home devices through if this that (ifttt) and nest compatibility. Surprisingly, it can also be used with Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant, but the smart Wi Fi plug lacks support for Apple homekit. Although iHome isp6x smartplug provides a wider range of third-party integration and more powerful scheduling options at the same price, it works the same as advertised.

How to use tp link HS100 KASA smart Wi-Fi plug?


Installing Mini is easy After downloading the KASA application, you will be prompted to create an account and verify your email address. When you’re done, it helps to make sure your phone is connected to a 2.4GHz network because the mini doesn’t support 5GHz Wi Fi.

When the mini is plugged in, the Wi Fi indicator should flash alternately between amber and blue. Then, you will be prompted to turn on your phone’s Wi Fi settings, connect to your own Wi Fi network, and then return to the KASA application to enter your home network password. The whole process shall not exceed 10 minutes.

Pairing Mini with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant and Microsoft Cortana requires several additional steps. In each case, you must enable the tp link KASA skill and link your account information to each application you want to use for voice control. From there, the voice assistant you choose should be able to recognize the plug, and you can use voice commands to open or close the plug. Cortana is a noteworthy feature here because most of the plugs we tested have Alexa, Google assistant and / or apple Siri (through homekit), but support for Microsoft voice assistant is a rare and popular phenomenon.


Tp link HS100 KASA smart Wi Fi plug is an attractive and reliable way to add intelligent control to dumb appliances at home. Since there is no hub to invest in, this is a cheap choice, but the fully functional KASA application allows remote and timing control and supports integration with other intelligent and automated systems. Unfortunately, the KASA application does not support geofencing or creating ifttt triggers. We also hope that the standby power of the plug is lower. However, using it wisely – such as turning off standby mode in multiple home entertainment devices – can still save you money. If you have Philips hue but do not want to use the power monitoring function of this plug, the Philips hue smart plug is a better choice. If you need a cheap and reliable smart plug, we are happy to recommend HS100.

4. Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL R101AE vacuum


What is the shark IQ robot self emptying XL r101ae vacuum cleaner?

Most improvements of robot vacuum cleaners are iterative. How can we add more software functions to the application? Can we shrink it down a little or make it run longer? On the other hand, automatic emptying of dustbins is changing life.

In the home of my two children and a dog, I can fill a standard 0.6-liter robot vacuum dustbin in a few minutes. If this small machine doesn’t have enough space to collect garbage, its function and intelligence don’t matter. So far, to get an automatically emptied dustbin in the robot vacuum, you have to pay nearly a four digit price for a top model of iRobot.

But not now! Shark recently launched its first intelligent vacuum, shark IQ, which has a self emptying foundation. $550, less than half the price of Roomba.

Shark is famous for making decent and affordable robot vacuum cleaners. However, this Smart Appliance is its first “smart” vacuum, which shows. Although the robot itself is a pretty good hardware, the map software it uses to cross your home is very slow. The first unit sent by shark failed to develop a map with a completion rate of more than 22% after 18 runs, while the map of the second unit was still incomplete after several runs. In contrast, my house is 1000 square feet, and most intelligent robot vacuum cleaners will draw a complete map after running 3-5 times.

How does the shark IQ robot self emptying XL r101ae vacuum cleaner work?


Shark IQ is a medium-sized vacuum robot. It is 3.5 inches high and about 1 foot wide, about 1 inch higher than the slim eufy robovac 11S max. If you have an automatic emptying base, you will not be able to store the robot vacuum cleaner under the sofa because it is 16 inches high.

It takes 5 hours to charge from 30% to 100%. In the first few cleaning runs, cleaning 480 square feet required 40 minutes and 50% of the battery. This time does not include many stops and starts, because it carefully tested the water falling from my kitchen steps, and then hit 10 cm high into my bathroom.

Like many robotic vacuum cleaners, it navigates through an optical sensor, four cliff sensors, and four collision sensors that occasionally collide with one or two sofa legs. Because the optical light sensor needs light to navigate, it’s best not to run it in a dark and sleeping house at night (because you may be frightened by the loud impact sound when it hits your trash can).

The vacuum cleaner has two rotary side brushes, a carpet brush and a bumper. It also has two buttons, a dock button and a clean button, which are not as intuitive as they look. If shark IQ encounters an error while vacuuming and sends a notification through the application, you must press the physical button several times to clear the error before sending it again.

Both Alexa and Google assistant have shark IQ enabled, which is attractive and easy to use. You can name the vacuum cleaner (I chose “Sherman”), add multiple units for multiple floors, change the cleaning mode from eco to normal and then to max (no automatic setting), view your cleaning history, create a cleaning schedule, theoretically make a cleaning map and specify a separate room. There is no manual remote control if you find it missing a point.

What are the functions of shark IQ robot self empty XL r101ae vacuum cleaner?


IQ robot XL adopts all black practical design. Its size is 12.9 × twelve point six × 3.5 inches (LWH) with a weight of 5.87 pounds. The base is about 15 inches high. It won’t win any style awards, but the appearance of the robot vacuum cleaner is not as important as whether it works well, and this one does.

The vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a remote control, but you can control it through the physical cleaning and docking buttons on the top of the device, use the phone through the sharkclean app (for Android and IOS), or use voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google assistant. Located between the clean button and the dock button is the IQ navigation module, which allows the robot to map your home and evaluate its location. There is a high-efficiency filter in the robot’s dustbin, which can collect dust, dandruff and allergens in the air when vacuuming.

At the bottom, IQ robot XL is equipped with two side brushes and a self-cleaning brush roll. It constantly filters pet and human hair into the dustbin, so it won’t wrap around the brush roll, which is a common problem of many robot vacuum cleaners. A shark spokesman said that the brush can do this because its fins and mane “can comb the hair and actively remove it.”

IQ robot XL has three power levels: Eco, normal (default option) and max. As the name suggests, Max provides the maximum suction, but also consumes the robot’s battery at the fastest speed. Eco provides the least suction, but consumes the slowest battery. Some robot vacuum cleaners, including ecovacs deebot ozmo T8 aivi for $799 and proscenic M7 Pro for $499, automatically increase suction when cleaning carpets and heavily polluted areas, but IQ robot XL does not.

Shark IQ robot self empty XL r101ae vacuum Pros and Cons


Shark IQ robot self empty XL r101ae vacuum pros

  • It has a bag free automatic emptying base and an automatic cleaning brush roller
  • Map your home and support scheduling, area cleaning and virtual restricted areas
  • Working with amazon Alexa and google assistants
  • With physical boundary bar
  • Never trapped in testing

Shark IQ robot self empty XL r101ae vacuum cons

  • Average battery life
  • It may be louder

What is the price of shark IQ robot self empty XL r101ae vacuum cleaner?


The $599 IQ robot XL (r101ae) is the most expensive model in the shark series. It is characterized by a bag free base that can hold dust and debris for up to 30 days. For a more affordable alternative, the $449 shark IQ robot has a smaller base that can hold about two weeks of debris, but is otherwise the same as the XL model.

Just a few years ago, it was hard to find an automatic emptying robot vacuum cleaner for less than $1000, but the prices of these models have been falling. Last year, iRobot launched the aforementioned Roomba I3 +, priced at $599, which is the company’s most affordable model with automatic emptying dustbins. Other automatic emptying vacuum cleaners in this price range include ecovacs deebot ozmo N8 PRO + (also used as mop) of $699 and neabot Nomo of $599. We plan to test these two products in the future.

Most automatic emptying robots use vacuum cleaners to empty the contents of the dustbin into the bag. The advantage of this is that you never have to touch dust and debris. The disadvantage is that when you run out of luggage, you eventually have to buy more luggage.

How to use shark IQ robot self emptying XL r101ae vacuum cleaner?


The robot has charging and recovery functions and is turned off by default, but it is recommended for homes with an area of more than 1500 square feet. When enabled, when the battery is low, the IQ robot XL will return to its base to charge, and then restart from the stopped position. To enable / disable charging and recovery, press and hold the clean button for 15 seconds.

It also provides a function called “evacuation and recovery”, which is suitable for families with pets. When enabled, the robot will return to its base in 30 minutes to empty the dustbin so that it will not be excessively blocked by pet hair, and then continue to clean where it stopped. Shark says if your house is less than 1000 square feet, you shouldn’t enable this feature. To enable / disable evacuation and recovery, press and hold the dock button for 15 seconds.

To start using IQ robot XL, simply remove all protective films on the robot and base, connect the side brush to the terminal at the bottom, and then turn the switch on the side of the robot to turn it on.

Next, you need to locate a point for the foundation. Shark recommends placing it at least three feet from either side and at least five feet from either side. For best results, set the base on the bare floor and use the attached plastic pad if you need to place it on the carpet. Then, just plug the base power cord into the power socket, turn the power switch on the back to turn it on, and a small green light on the left side of the base will light up to indicate that it is powered on.

From there, pick up the robot and lean its back against the base. When it starts charging, you will hear a beep and the blue charging indicator on the base will flash. When the robot is fully charged, the indicator light will turn pure blue. Shark said he charged it for six hours for the first time.

It’s a good idea to prepare your home while you’re waiting to recharge. Shark recommends cleaning any ropes on the floor, removing objects such as toys, clothes and curtains, and opening the door to open the area you want to clean and draw. For best results, shark recommends running the robot in sufficient light. The company also said it would avoid mobile robots or bases because doing so could affect its ability to draw home maps.

When you connect the robot to its sharkclean company application, it will build an interactive map of your home, allowing you to select specific rooms for area cleaning. The application also allows you to create a cleaning plan, remotely control the robot from any location, check its battery power, and view cleaning reports.

With just a few clicks, you can change the orientation of the map, label each room, and create a virtual restricted area. After labeling your room, you can choose the room you want to clean, and the robot will go there directly.


Using this Smart Appliance sometimes feels like trading one chore for another: you no longer need to vacuum the floor, but you must always clean your robot. However, the $599 shark IQ robot self empty XL r101ae is more self-sufficient than most competitors. It can store dust and debris for 30 days on a baggless base, so you only need to empty it once a month, and it has an automatic cleaning brush roll to prevent hair from winding on it. During the test, the vacuum provided strong suction, effectively cleaned the dust, debris and pet hair on the hard floor and carpet, and never got stuck.

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