How To Lock A Door Without A Lock


Have you ever had a pressing need to lock a door that won’t lock and found yourself in a predicament? So don’t worry! We’ll go over some of the top techniques in this article for locking a door without a lock.

Tips To Lock A Door Without A Lock

1. Fork It Up

You can adapt a lock using common household items for little emergency situations like a toilet door or a closet. A fork that you don’t mind losing should be chosen. The demo uses a plastic fork, but a metallic one is preferable. Close the door before slipping the fork into the opening to gauge its size. While some forks fit perfectly, others protrude excessively. In case they’re too long, bend a few of the prongs.


The prongs can be bent with pliers or a Swiss Army knife. Your fork’s handle should now be severed, and you should insert it between the prongs. The door lock is secured as a result. To see if it will hold, test it by pulling the door in the direction of the fork. You can use a rubber band to hold the handle in place if it keeps slipping. But only smaller side doors can use this lock; main doors can’t.


2. Get A Portable

Travelers who frequently carry locks with them are typically salespeople and backpackers. These portable locks are a lifesaving device because, if you’re traveling on a tight budget, you might find yourself in a hostel or cheap motel without locking doors. You probably have one on you if you’re a free spirit. If not, it’s simple to purchase one at the hardware store.

Addalock, BurglarBar, and TSL (Travel Security Lock) are a few of these locks’ examples. You can carry these portable locks in your bag or pocket because they are lightweight. They’re powerful enough, though, to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your space. The jiggling parts and bobs will also alert you if someone does attempt to break them, allowing you to either confront the intruder or call the police.

BurglarBar is a strong, transparent plastic bar that is most effective on sliding doors, glass entryways, or French windows, also known as French doors. Because TSL has markers for either left-handed or right-handed doors, it is ideal. Once installed, it pushes the door 9 tons, making it impossible for anyone to open it. Additionally, you can unlatch it quickly, making it simple to open in an emergency.

3. Build A Barricade

The most typical method for locking a door without a lock is this one. Since you don’t need to go shopping, it also requires the least amount of effort. It is, however, the most time-consuming choice in other ways. Every time you need to leave the room, you will need to place something substantial in front of the door and then remove your barricade. Barricades are internal, too.

A door cannot be blocked from the outside when leaving because it can only be locked from the inside. Couches, tables, refrigerators, and freezers are useful items for barricades. Additionally, barriers are only useful if a door opens inward. This kind of “door lock” is ineffective on exterior doors. The purpose would be defeated if you had to barricade it from the outside. Think about it.


4. Consider Using A Door Wedge

Using a door wedge is an additional method of crowd control. Use a device that users can set on the floor and at the bottom of the door. For internal doors only, use this remedy. If you don’t already have one, get a hammer and a door jam.

  • Start by shutting the door all the way. Put the door wedge on top of the door and the side that faces the opening after that. The wedge will then be tightly secured.
  • If you want to make sure it is completely secure, test it several times after that. 

5. Use A Door Jammer

Using a door jammer is an excellent method if you’re wondering how to lock a door without a lock. To begin with, it reinforces the door to prevent intrusions into your home. Use this door jammer for gates that open inwards only, once more for best results. Door jammers can be used much more easily than barricades. Because they are transportable, you can bring them on your trip. 

6. Locking A Door With A Chair


Perhaps it was stupid to lock the door with a chair. The idea of locking the door probably seems absurd to you after seeing it in a movie. To quickly block the entrance, however, chairs are frequently used as a barricade. And it works great.

  • To begin with, locate a sturdy chair. Folding chairs won’t work. Placing the chair’s top under the doorknob, shut the door. Ensure that the floor is not touched by the chair’s front legs. They ought to be raised at a sharp angle.
  • Then, position the chair as close to the door as you can. It presses against the door from this chair position. being the most vulnerable to breaks, the doorknob in particular. Unintentional intruders will find it much harder to open the door as a result of this. 

7. Try To Remove The Door Handle

  • The handles on the universal door must be pushed down in order to open it.
  • Try removing the handles if your door has the same mechanism. You will make it difficult for outsiders to open the door by doing this.
  • After you’ve dismantled the handles, you can open or close the door at your wish 

8. Use A Sock

Using a sock to temporarily lock your door may seem silly, but it works. Knowing how to lock a door without a lock and with a sock might appear foolish. When you don’t have access to the materials mentioned above in an emergency, use this carefully. Once more, prolonged use of this is not advised. The door hinges might suffer serious harm.

  • To begin, put on a pair of socks, preferably winter socks or other thick, long socks.
  • Make a door wedge by folding the sock.
  • Once you’ve completed that, take hold of the sock. Put it where the door opens and closes, along the top side of the door. Pull the door shut after that. Avoid pinning your fingers in the door by exercising caution.
  • Pull both the sock and the door at once to unlock it. 

9. Anchor The Door Handle/knob Using A Piece Of Rope

The doorknob can be secured to an immovable object using a rope. This is excellent if your door opens outward and you are unable to use the previously mentioned techniques. When someone else will be opening the door, it works. The door won’t be able to open because of the tension created by the rope and the object, which will keep it closed. 

10. Security Bar

The ability to lock a door both with and without a lock is always useful. It can be used to lock inward opening doors by jamming the handle or doorknob from inside the room. By placing one hand on the floor and one side of the security bar under the handle or knob, this is accomplished. In addition, sliding windows or doors can be locked horizontally by using a security bar.

Depending on the width of the door, the bar’s length can be changed. Given that it can be installed on any typical door or window, it makes a fantastic travel companion. 

11. Bind The Door Knobs/ Handles Together

Use this technique if you ever need to lock double doors and you’re concerned about your safety: tie the two doorknobs together. Use chains, ropes, or anything else you can attach. 


How To Discourage Would-be Thieves

What can you do to deter burglars from trying to break into your house? Have a look at a few of the following ideas:

  • Get a home security system installed. This is the safest way to secure your house.
  • Get a dog; a large dog with a commanding bark will certainly scare off intruders.
  • Lock all of your windows. When you leave the house at night or during the day, make sure your windows are locked.
  • Install motion-activated lights. When someone enters the house, the motion lights will turn on. For a thief, this is a great deterrent because it makes them believe that someone is home or awake.
  • A burglar must act quickly, so install a front gate. As a result, they might pass by a house with a high gate.


It definitely takes a little ingenuity to lock a door without a lock. However, as I’m sure you can see, it’s not completely impossible.

I trust that this information has provided you with some of the best ideas for locking your door without a lock.

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