How to Set Clock on My Samsung Microwave – Different Models


If you don’t know how to set clock on my samsung microwave, don’t worry! We are here to help.

You also have to stare at the microwave until the food is ready if the clock or timer isn’t working properly. The only way to solve this is to set the clock on the Samsung microwave. Setting the clock on a Samsung microwave isn’t difficult, but some models of microwaves do have different buttons to set the clock. Knowing which buttons change the clock and how to confirm the time is critical. 

We will take you through all the information about these microwaves and their clock Settings.

What Is a Samsung Microwave?

Samsung Microwave oven is a microwave oven made by Samsung. Samsung is an innovative company that makes many home appliances, mobile phones, and smart home technology. Some Samsung microwaves have advanced features that can be used in smart homes, while others have more basic features.

What Features Do Samsung Microwaves Have? 

Samsung microwave ovens are unique because they have many functions. Some of these features include:

  • A clock display that displays the time
  • Samsung’s exclusive technology (triple distribution system for evenly cooking food)
  • Bigger turntables
  • A step-by-step guide to cooking certain foods
  • The ability to keep food warm after cooking
  • Two pieces of cooking

These are just some of the features of the Samsung microwave. Many models have more advanced features and Settings.

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How Long Do Samsung Microwaves Last?

People often ask: how long do microwaves last? Depending on the model, Samsung microwaves last longer. In fact, some Samsung microwaves last up to a decade. Remember, these microwaves need maintenance or they won’t last that long. Still, Samsung microwaves can last a long time with minimal maintenance. Notably, Samsung has won more J.D.Power awards than its rivals. Depending on the model, Samsung microwaves last longer. In fact, some Samsung microwaves last up to a decade. Remember, these microwaves need maintenance or they won’t last that long. Still, Samsung microwaves can last a long time with minimal maintenance.

How Long Does Resetting a Samsung Microwave Clock Take?

It only takes a few minutes to change and reset the Samsung microwave clock. Finding a direction to do this takes more time than it actually does, so change and practice regularly so that changing or setting the clock becomes second nature.

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How to Set the Clock on the Samsung Microwave?

Setting the clock on the Samsung microwave is just a few steps away. That said, some Samsung clocks are different from others in that they have different menus to navigate to change or set the clock. We’ll take you through each Samsung microwave model to help you set your clock.

Countertop Samsung Microwaves- MG11T5018CC


You should set the microwave time when you first install it, and any time you need to adjust the microwave.

Samsung also has a desktop microwave oven, model MG11T5018CC. It’s easy to set the clock on these microwaves because it lets you do that when you turn the microwave on. To set the time on the MG11T5018CC microwave, follow these instructions:

  • First, you need to set the microwave time when you install it and adjust it as needed. To set the time, press OK, then tap the left or right arrow to set the hour. Press OK again.
  • Tap the left or right arrow to set the minute, then press OK.
  • The control panel will now display the time. When using your microwave, the current time will change to the set cooking time.

With the Power Level button -ME19R7041F


Most Samsung microwaves have a power level button. While the only function of this button is to change the power on most models, the Samsung microwave with model number ME19R7041F has a hidden function. For these microwaves, the clock can be set using the power level button. Here are the steps to set the clock on the Samsung Microwave ME19R7041F.

  • Hold down the power level button for 3 seconds.
  • Use the numeric keypad to enter the time.
  • AM presses the power level button once, PM presses the power level button twice.
  • Press OK /START to confirm the time.

With the Clock Button -ME18H704SFS, ME16H702SES & ME20H705MSS 

These instructions apply to the ME18H704SFS, ME16H702SES, and ME20H705MSS microwave models. In some models, you can press the clock button to see the current time while cooking.

You don’t have to look for clock features on these models, as they have their own clock buttons. Just press it and set the time.

  • Locate and select the Clock button.
  • Use the numeric keypad to set the current time.
  • Press the clock button again and select AM or PM.
  • Press Enter or Start to confirm the time.

(On the Samsung microwave model ME16H702SES, you can skip step 3.)

With the My Settings button – MC17J8000CS


Some Samsung microwaves have a “My Settings” button. This button appears on a Samsung microwave oven with the MC17J8000CS project number. To set the clock using the My Settings button, perform the following steps.

  • Locate and press the “My Settings” button.
  • Next, press ‘9’ on the number pad.
  • Press the OK button, and then enter the current time using the number pad.
  • Press “OK” to confirm the time.


How to Change the Time on a Samsung Microwave?

The Power Level button should be pressed and held for three seconds. Utilizing the number pad, enter the time. For AM, press the Power Level button once. For PM, press it twice. To verify the time, press OK/START.

How to Change Power Level on Samsung Microwave?

Automatically, High is selected for the Power Level. If you want to set the Power Level to a level other than High, press the Power Level button, and then use the numbers button to enter the Power Level you desire.


It may seem trivial, but setting a clock on your microwave can reduce the hassle of cooking. Thanks to the location of the microwave in most kitchens, you can easily reference your cooking time. Understanding how the clock Settings work on the Samsung Microwave can also help you set an accurate timer and allow you to customize the Settings with greater precision. Depending on your Samsung microwave, following the steps we mentioned earlier will help you set the clock on any Samsung microwave. 

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