Best Photo Stick for Computers in 2022


Photostick is a small USB flash drive type device that provides you with a fast and efficient way to back up excellent and convenient photos and videos. It’s a beautiful little storage stick device, perfect for making your life easier when backing up valuable data. In this photo stick review, learn exactly what this device is and what the product and its photo stick software can do, and determine if it’s the best photo stick for you.

How the Photostick Functions

What makes this device stand out from your typical flash drive is how it works. It doesn’t really require you to sort through all the files and transfer them to the drive one by one. This can be tedious, especially if you have thousands of photos. You want a quick way to transfer them all to storage, and PhotoStick gives you that.

Here’s how it works – you just put Photostick in and let it find the file for you. It is designed to automatically sort many different files, focusing on the main formats, and transfer them themselves. It does all this automatically to ensure that you have very little work to do. That’s pretty impressive, and it’s probably The first reason people choose The Photo Stick over other file storage options. This can save you a lot of time that you would otherwise have to struggle to find files.

Not only that, Photostick can find files that aren’t stored in their usual locations. You might think that most of your photos will be stored in the photos section of your computer, but that doesn’t always happen. Some are stored in downloads, while others are in folders where they shouldn’t be for any reason. Photostick can find all of these, no matter where they are.

It also removes duplicates from searches and filters out copies of files so that you only get one of each photo. Many computers have multiple copies of the same photo because the user may have downloaded the photo multiple times without realizing it. Photostick transfers only one copy of a file, so you don’t waste space on your storage device.

How to Select A Photostick

Storage and Memory

They play a very big role in helping you choose the right product. Depending on your purpose, choose a Photostick accordingly. No one wants to keep switching to new devices because of the lack of memory.

After-Sales Service

As important it is for you to analyze the product, equally important is to understand your value with the company. Warranty, replacement and after-sales service should be kept in mind before buying a Photostick. 


Understand the purpose for which you are looking for a photo stick. Depending on your use, go for a photo stick that suits your purpose. If you are a professional photographer in search for an equally feasible device, then go for 1 terabyte or if you are looking just for usual storage, you can opt for an 8 GB memory that can store up to 3000 photographs.


Always check the compatibility of the device in the description before buying. 

Best Photostick You Can Buy


Best Overall Photostick Photo Backup Stick

YOHU photostick

Best Overall Photostick YOHU 256GB Memory Stick


Best Overall Doorbell iDiskk Photo stick

Flash Drives

Best Overall Photostick Flash Drive

Sunany Flash Drive

Best Overall Photostick Sunany Flash Drive

Photo Backup Stick


Main Features

  • Backs Up from Windows – Run the Windows backup app to find and backup from the computer, storage devices connected to the computer, or even phones and tablets connected to the computer.
  • Backs Up from Mac – Run the Mac backup app to find and backup from the computer, storage devices connected to the computer, or even phones and tablets connected to the computer.
  • Backs Up from Androids – Plug the stick directly into Android phones or tablets and use the Android app to back up to the stick without using a computer.
  • Backs Up From iPhones & iPads – Backup from iPhones & iPads by plugging them into a Windows or Mac computer and run the backup app from the stick.
  • Removes Duplicates – Each photo & video will only be backed up once. Every time you backup, only new photos will be backed up. The Windows app also allows you to remove duplicates just in case you have multiple copies that have been backed up.

Prons & Cons

YOHU 256GB Memory Stick

YOHU photostick

Main Features

Photo stick for iPhone offer 4 ports : IOS, Micro USB, Type c & USB 3.0, photostick mobile 256GB compatible with iPhone 12, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS MAX, XS, XR, X, 8, 7, 6, 5s (iOS 8.2 or higher); iPad 5/6/7/8, iPad Air 3, iPad Pro 2015/2016/2017, iPad Mini 5, Android, Mac book and PC. Android with OTG function, Samsung galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, HTC etc.
USB 3.0 Photo Stick iPhone with quality chips guarantees fast and stable data transfers, Memory Stick for iPhone External Storage offers a quick and easy way to transfer files, photostick mobile ios Flash Drives can transfer photos and videos between iPhone, OTG Android Smart phone, iPad, PC and Macbook.
Plugged into USB 3.0 flash drive iphone, install a app called “Y-Disk” for iPhone, Photostick mobile for iPhone supports Touch ID/password encryption which protects your data safe, worry-free that others steal your files.Install”Dual Magic Flash” for Android to get more function. Free up your phone directly as external storage expansion. (To use usb flash drive on iOS, you need to download ”Y-Disk” app; Android needs to turn on OTG function)
 Enjoying movies, musics and share document/photo to the social media directly, Facebook,twitter and so on. Flash Drives for iPhone Touch ID Encryption Jump Drive Thumb Drive Pen can supported:(VIDEOS: AVI, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, RM, RMVB, TS, WMV, FLV, 3GP; AUDIOS:FLAC, APE, AAC, AIF, M4A, MP3, WAV. Photo: GIF, JPG, PNG, JPEG )
YOHU flash drive willing provide you with 100% satisfactory service, ios photostick 3.0 USB for your loves and friends. Faster response & professional service team for your any inquiry about iOS Flash Drives for iPhone photo stick.

Prons & Cons

iDiskk Photo Stick


Main Features

  • With authentic MFi certication to ensure stability and safety,free & stable “iDiskk Max “app is available from Apple software,iDiskk photo stick for iPhone Support Touch ID/Passcode encryption and independent passcode on file. Safeguard your sensitive files
  • One key to backup all your videos / photos from your iPhone / iPad effortlessly via application avoid greedy duplications in storage, perfectly save your space ,Only newly added files, keep the original date of the photo. can also use the app camera to take photos / videos, which will be automatically saved to the iPhone flash drive
  • With USB+ original MFi lightning connector gurantee it will compatible with all recently new iPhones&iPads base on lightning connector( iPhone12/12 Pro/11 Pro/XS Max/X/8/7/6/5/SE ,iPad series) Mac and normal computer.iPhone memory storage photo expansion for all devices.
  • Authorized exFAT enables transfer individual files which is large than 4GB in one time to iPhone Hard disk drive, Format-friendly streaming app supports most formats: AVI、M4V、MKV、MOV、MP4、MPG、RM、RMVB、TS、WMV、FLV、3GP、AUDIOS:FLAC、APE、AAC、AIF 、M4A、MP3、WAV .Picture :BMP,JPG,PNG,TIF,GIF.Save your time,Save your space.
  • 18 Months Worry-free Warranty & dedicated email customer support.

Prons & Cons

Flash Drive

Flash Drives

Main Features

  • High-Quality usb flash drive: The USB flash drive for iphone is made of frosted aluminum metal and adopts an interesting retractable design and convenient keychain design.the design can not only prevent the port connector from being damaged when the thumb drives is not in use, but also can carry the memory stick and prevent it from being lost.
  • Multi-Interface Design:The memory stick with iPhone port/usb/micro usb/type c (independent adapter)compatible with Phone/iPad/Android/pc and other devices with usb ports, can transfer data between various devices, easily Complete data sharing(Android phones need to open the OTG function,No need to download APP)
  • One-Click Backup:The jump drive plug and play, you can back up multiple files such as videos/pictures/documents with one click,No more cumbersome paste copying,Save you more time.When the photo stick is plugged into the iPhone/iPad/Android etc, you can directly store the video and photos you have taken on the flash drives without occupying the device memory.
  • Protect Your Privacy:Use the thumb drive to easily share data with friends and colleagues, making work and entertainment more fun.At the same time you can also enable all data to be protected by password and touch ID, your privacy will not be stolen even you lose the photo storage
  • TRYVAT usb memory stick: Enjoy the convenience brought by high-quality flash drive 256gb, and high-quality services are also provided for you. If you have any questions about the pendrive you received, please feel free to contact us. We have a professional team to answer you. In order to protect the rights and interests of our customers, we are willing to provide refunds or replacements

Prons & Cons

Sunany Flash Drive

Sunany Flash Drive

Main Features

  • Thumb Drive Access Security : Use the thumb drive to easily share data with family, friends and colleagues, making entertainment and work more interesting. The Password & Touch ID can encrypt file information in APP to protect your private files, you can choose to encrypt the entire usb flash drive, or you can choose to encrypt a specific file. All encrypted files stored in this USB flash drive are invisible on the computer. No worry that others steal your files.
  • High Speed and One Click Backup : Experience up to 80 MB/s reading and 40 MB/s writing speed, and photos, videos, documents can be backup to the 128gb flash drive with one click. The iphone memory stick provides a simple and quick way to transfer photos and videos. Allows you to free up the memory on your mobile device without using a data cable or iCloud. With this iphone photo stick, you don’t have to worry about iPhone storage anymore! Make file transfer easier.
  • Watch Video Directly and Share to Social Media : Plug and play, you can watch the movie/play music directly on the flash drive 128 gb. When you take beautiful photos on the go, you can store the photos or videos directly on the iPhone flash drive without occupying your device memory. Also you can share document/photo to the social media directly from a USB storage device. (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Multi-port and Supports More Devices : To use the photo stick on iPhone/iPad, you need to download ”LUV-Share” app; Android needs to turn on OTG function(No need to download APP). Multi-interface and excellent heat dissipation design ensure excellent performance and high transmission speed. You can transfer data between various devices and easily complete data sharing. (Note: Our flash drive is not compatible with ipad with type-c/usb-c interface.)
  • Jump Drive : USB storage is made of frosted aluminum metal. With slidable design. Flash drive has 128GB of memory, you can record your life as you wish to the usb stick. USB storage has dedicated email customer support. You can contact us after 18:00 PDT and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Prons & Cons

How to Use Photostick

Photostick is an easy-to-use product. You don’t have to be very technical to make it work and operate. Photostick isn’t complicated to use, so almost anyone should be able to use it easily.

You simply plug the product into your computer device and start it. The computer needs to be turned on, and if so, plugging the Photostick drive into the computer should prompt a notification. You will be asked to launch Photostick or click the “Start” button. Doing so will guide you through the process, which is simple and largely automatic.

Photostick works alone for the most part, finding the files you want and transferring them for you. This shouldn’t take long, and when it’s done, you can safely remove the product using the device delete feature on your computer. This ensures that no data is lost when the device is removed.

From then on, photos and videos will be securely stored on Photostick. Nothing else, once you plug the device into another computer, all your files will still be there, ready to load and access.

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