Best Ring Floodlight Cameras 2022


The Ring Floodlight Camera can be a stand-alone product to maintain monitoring outside your home, or it can be part of a larger smart home ecosystem. It should be noted that most smart home products need a bell alarm to work. The ring floodlight camera does not need to ring an alarm, but the door lock, environmental monitoring, socket and garage door tilt sensor need to be equipped with an alarm system.

Eufy Security Floodlight Camera

Best Ring Floodlight Cameras 2021


  • More 2K video options than other brands
  • Built-in video storage on most cameras
  • Strong emphasis on privacy
  • Affordable cloud plans


  • No cloud storage on some models


Ring floodlight camera provides all the security you expect without any monthly fee. The lights of these ring floodlight cameras glow at 2500 lumens and can be directly transmitted to the 1080p HD video live broadcast of the device through encrypted 256 bit connection processing. The 140 degree field of view provides good wide area coverage, and the application allows you to adjust the brightness.
The ring floodlight camera also has a built-in alarm, which can scream with a sound of 100 dB to scare away any intruder. It is IP65 weatherproof and can withstand storms, sun and snow. Ring floodlight camera works well with Alexa and Google AI. It has two-way audio function and can communicate with anyone close to your home.

Ring Floodlight Camera

Best Ring Floodlight Cameras 2021


  • Motion-activated alerts
  • Customizable motion zones and scheduling
  • Two-way audio with noise cancellation
  • Digital zoom with panning


  • Limited integration
  • Requires subscription to view and share recorded video


The movement of this ring floodlight camera activates the floodlight security camera in the same way as the doorbell. Features such as this ring floodlight camera HD video reminder and instant recording make the user interface easy to operate. It’s easy to set the exact area and boundary that this ring floodlight camera will monitor.
This ring floodlight camera itself has an advanced motion detection range of 140 degrees, and the powerful LED light can sense motion even under night vision conditions. The two-way intercom system allows you to talk to visitors through the application with the click of a button. If there are other ring cameras around you, this ring floodlight camera can be well integrated. There is also an optional ring protection plan. This ring floodlight camera provides cloud storage at a monthly price so that you can view and download videos from the past 60 days.

Ezviz Floodlight Security Camera

Best Ring Floodlight Cameras 2021


  • 9 metres night vision
  • Three months of battery life
  • 10x zoom


  • No Google integration


This ring floodlight camera allows you to monitor the area around your home day and night. The attached PIR sensor allows you to set the boundary of the monitoring position. The 4mm lens with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 can pick up motion detection to remind you of any precautions.
This also well realizes the infrared night vision of this ring floodlight camera, so that you can see it in the dark area 100 feet away. This ring floodlight camera allows you to turn on and off lights and adjust the brightness. For storage, you can also choose up to 256gb microSD card or cloud subscription service.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Best Ring Floodlight Cameras 2021


  • Offers outdoor, indoor, mobile, and baby cameras
  • Gives customers up to 4K quality video history
  • Provides continuous video recording


  • Doesn’t offer professional monitoring
  • Doesn’t sell traditional home security equipment like door and window sensors or glass break detectors
Best Ring Floodlight Cameras

Installation and setup of ring floodlight camera

The installation process of ring floodlight camera is very simple. The installation of the ring floodlight camera itself took about 45 minutes, including turning off the power of the light, unscrewing the old ring floodlight camera from the electrical box, disconnecting the power cord from the old floodlight, and wiring and installing the new ring floodlight camera of the ring floodlight camera.

The ring floodlight camera makes it as easy as possible to show you each step by installing screws of various sizes for the electrical box (other models include a set of screws that may not fit the electrical box hole) and printing instructions and instructions in the application (with animated GIF).

The setting process of ring floodlight camera is also simple and clear. Because I already have a ring camera and a ring account, this application remembers my WiFi password and quickly connects ring floodlight camera to my network.

The ring floodlight camera itself also plays sound messages to remind me of its progress, such as “now connected to the ring application” and “connected to WiFi, please wait”

If you choose to use the camera’s new 3D motion detection, the setup process allows you to accurately locate the camera’s position and direction on the satellite map at home. You must also make the camera at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees from the wall and enter its approximate height from the ground.

Of course, giving ring detailed information about your home may make you uncomfortable. When I viewed ring video doorbell Pro 2, ring told me that it would not share this information with law enforcement unless it was “obliged to comply with valid and binding legal requirements”. This function is optional.

Once set, the 3D motion detection of ring floodlight camera will use the position of radar sensor and camera to judge the position of people in the three-dimensional space in front of the camera, resulting in more accurate motion detection than conventional motion sensors. For more information, see the “free smart features” section below.

Free smart features of ring floodlight camera:

When it comes to intelligent functions, the ring floodlight Camera Cam Pro falls in the middle package: it has more useful functions than Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera, but it has more useful functions than uefe floodlight camera. Here’s how each free feature works and what I think.

3D motion detection of ring floodlight camera:

As I mentioned earlier, 3D motion detection uses radar sensors to accurately tell the camera the source of motion in the three-dimensional space ahead. Ring claims that this makes motion detection more accurate. In my experience, these claims seem to be correct. The ring floodlight camera does a good job in detecting motion. I don’t receive any false positives, which sometimes happens on my old ring floodlight camera.

Aerial map of ring floodlight camera:

Because 3D motion detection requires the precise location of your floodlights, the camera can create a satellite map of your property with digital breadcrumb tracks to show where people go in time through video records. This function of ring floodlight camera works surprisingly well. You can easily see the exact location of visitors outside your home, but I doubt how useful it is, because you can also see where visitors are walking by watching the recording.

Monitoring area of ring floodlight camera:

This feature (called motion areas) allows you to highlight specific areas that the camera “sees” so that motion alerts from motion are received only in these areas. This is a very common feature in the security camera, and the ring version works very well. They are very easy to customize and can be deformed into any shape you need, allowing you to choose the number of properties within the range of the camera to monitor. For example, I can easily cover my entire driveway and front yard, thus preventing cars and pedestrians from issuing unnecessary alarms on my busy streets and sidewalks.

Voice control: ring is owned by Amazon, which means that this floodlight camera cooperates with Amazon Alexa for voice control, rather than the assistant of competitors such as Google assistant or apple Siri. I tried this function on the Amazon echo show 10 smart display, and Alexa will soon get real-time information from the camera. Unlike competitors, you can also talk to visitors through Alexa using the two-way audio of the ring floodlight camera camera. But you can’t use Alexa to turn on and off the ring floodlight camera.

Functions of ring floodlight camera

With the ring floodlight camera protection program, you will get 60 days of dynamically triggered video clips and some smarter features: Photo snapshots between recording and personnel detection. The program costs $3 per month (or $30 per year) for one camera and $10 per month (or $100 per year) for unlimited cameras. Ring floodlight camera includes a one month trial of the ring protect plus program, so you can try these features before paying other monthly fees. The following is the work of the paid function and my thoughts on each item.

Personnel inspection of ring floodlight camera

This function uses an algorithm to determine whether the motion is caused by people, and if so, warns you. When I used the camera, the personnel detection function seemed very accurate. I didn’t see any false positive alarm. Interestingly, ring updated this feature during my testing. Ring used to call it “personnel only mode”. As the name suggests, the camera will record only when it detects a person. But ring has now renamed the feature smart alert and changed the way it works. You can now choose whether to receive people alerts and other motion alerts (all other content detected by the camera is included), and whether the camera records when people and “other motion” are detected. This added option is good, but it would be better if the ring floodlight camera could distinguish whether “other sports” came from animals or vehicles.

Ring floodlight camera photo snapshot

This function of ring floodlight camera allows the camera to take a picture every 3 minutes, 1 minute or 30 seconds to fill the gap between videos. You can then think of the picture as a delayed video. This is a good alternative to 24 / 7 recording, which requires a lot of space to store and may require higher storage costs.

Should you buy ring floodlight camera?

The ring floodlight camera feels like a polished quality product thanks to its simple installation and setup process, good video quality and accurate motion detection. The only disadvantage is that it needs to pay a monthly video storage fee, which is not applicable to digital assistants other than Amazon (Google assistant and apple Siri), and there is a lack of artificial intelligence based vehicle and animal alerts.

Ring floodlight camera cameras have many of these features, so they may be a better choice for some consumers. Aerial view is a good supplement, but they find more gimmicks than useful. My current floodlight camera can detect motion well without radar sensor, and my video quality looks similar.

That is to say, if you want to buy your first ring floodlight camera, or want to expand on other Amazon or ring security devices you already have, this camera is a good choice.

Ring network security plan of ring floodlight camera

Although some customers may choose to monitor their homes by themselves, if customers purchase ring alarm and ring protect plus, ring provides professional monitoring options. This requires a base station and a subscription plan, but the ring floodlight camera is integrated into the security system and controlled by the same application.

In addition to the ring floodlight camera, ring alarm also provides indoor motion sensors, environmental monitoring, doorbell cameras and traditional indoor and outdoor cameras. Ring protect plus has no contract, but if the customer pays a full year in advance, ring will cut $20 from the price of professional monitoring.


Ring floodlight camera is a reliable choice. Customers want to use high-quality pictures and super bright ring floodlight camera to make their yard safer. Sirens and two-way calls are an added benefit to anyone who wants to scare away the bad guys lurking in your yard.

Although ring’s subscription program will still allow users to take advantage of most of the camera’s functions, ring protect program allows customers to store and share videos, which will be a huge advantage if you need to provide any videos to neighbors or even authorities.

If you like ring floodlight camera, ring provides a variety of options to allow customers to develop a more robust security plan, including some useful smart home integration options. The ring floodlight camera provides its unique value while providing ample space for your future family safety system.

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