What Is A Broiler Pan: How To Use And The Advantages


Broiler pans(also called broiling pans) are specifically designed for you to use under your oven’s broiler which withstands the high heat of the broiling process and allow for an easy cooking experience and fast cleanup. 

A broiler pan is usually made from two parts: a lower drip pan and an upper slotted pan. The idea is that the juices and fat from the food drip down into the lower pan, letting you get a crispier finish on the food itself while retaining the flavor from the drippings. 

What Foods Can Be Cooked With A Broiler Pan?

There is a wide variety of food that can be cooked with a broiler pan such as vegetables, seafood dishes, steaks, and meat cuts. It works especially well with meat, and seafood cooking, as it will drain any fats or juices.

It can be a better and healthier way to cook meats in a broiler pan than roasting. Be sure to keep an eye on your meat as it is cooking to avoid your dish becoming dry or overcooked. 

How Can You Use Your Broiler Pan?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use your broiler pan at home.

Step 1 – locate the Oven Broiler

Broilers are generally located below the burners or the stovetop, right above the oven racks. Your broiler may also be located at the bottom of the oven in a separate drawer.

Step 2 – Find Your Oven Rack

After you have found the broiler, position the oven rack accordingly to cook the food properly. It is advisable to position the rack further away from the heating element if you are cooking thick or dense foods. This is important because these foods take time to cook properly.

If you place the oven rack too close to the heating element, the outer layer of the food may burn before it is cooked all the way to the middle.

Step 3 – Turn on the Broiler

Different ovens come with different broiler settings. Typically, broilers take around 5 to 10 minutes to heat up.

It is suggested that when you set it on temperature, leave the door of the oven slightly ajar. This step will ensure that the oven doesn’t overheat and turn off automatically.

Step 4 – Broil!

Remove the rack from the oven and place your food on it. Once the food is ready, it can burn within a few minutes. Therefore, make sure you remove it as soon as it is done. You may have to flip the food to make sure it cooks properly on both sides.

Are Broiler Pans Worth It?

Broiler Pan

There are some advantages of a broiler pan.

Uses Less oil

You can save much oil and need little or no oil when broiling since the food is placed close to the heat source. As such, broiling allows healthier cooking as it eliminates excess fat in your food. 

It also makes the food tender while giving it a flavored, brown exterior. To increase your food’s aroma, you can glaze it with herbs and spices. To prevent your food from smoking when broiling, trim the extra fat from it beforehand.

Provides Different Textures

Broiling can also provide you with different textures with your foods. For instance, you can make your foods in different ways: caramelized, crispy, or crusty. It also applies your food’s unique, complex flavors. 

3. Make Food Faster

Because a broiler pan is used dry, high heat, it can cook your food faster. Broiling a piece of chicken or meat takes less than 15 minutes, while other tools may take you more than 20 mins.

 Also, broiling is simple. Most ovens have broiler compartments that you can use to broil your foods.  

In short, broiling is a convenient cooking method.

4. Healthy Cooking

A broiler pan is a low-calorie cooking method, as it perfectly cooks your food with little or no oil. For instance, you don’t have to rub oil or butter on the broiler pan before cooking. The natural fat of the food is enough.

Tips For Maintaining A Broiler Pan

1. Use Appropriate Heat: set your oven to medium heat when broiling to increase your pan’s durability.

  1. Store The Pan Properly: The best way to store your broiler pan is to hang it or place it on your stovetop.

3. Clean The Broiler Pan Immediately After Use: you can quickly get rid of any food that sticks to it if you clean the broiler pan immediately after use.

  1. Use Aluminum Foil: An easy way to save you time washing up a broiler pan is to line your pan with aluminum foil! This super-simple tip will save you SO much time washing up!


Using a broiler pan fosters makes your life more and more convenient and healthy.

You will be able to make your favorite meals in a hassle-free and much speedier way than your regular cooking methods by following our step-by-step guide.

As we have also discussed, using the broiler pan in the wrong way can lead to unevenly cooked food. It’s necessary for you to use it properly. 

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