Beats Solo Vs Studio: What Are the Differences?


Beats solo and studio are among the two most popular, best-selling headphones available out there.

Whether you use them to listen to your all-time favorite album, make the occasional phone call, or reduce the clamor of a crowded subway ride, Beats has established itself as a market leader in providing the best products to customers for almost 11 years.

To help you better understand how Beats Studio and Solo compare to one another, we’ve put them side by side. To learn more, continue reading!

What is Beats Studio?

The Studio 3 is the newest model in the Beats Studio line, which is one of the brand’s most well-liked and best-selling headphones.

Following Apple Inc., Beats headphones underwent a significant redesign in terms of comfort, build quality, and sound. took over Then came Beats by Dr. Dre, and everything changed. With the Apple W1 chip built in and a whopping 40 hours of battery life, the Studio 3 is one of the highest end wireless headphones that Beats has to offer. This is a significant improvement over its predecessor.

What is Beats Solo?

Beats Solo 3 is the newest model in the Beats Solo line-up and the ideal companion for your limitless hours of nonstop music listening.

Beats Solo

With Apple’s W1 technology, you can change the way you listen to music while also bringing your Apple devices closer together, which in turn shrinks the size of the world you live in. Additionally, the precisely tuned acoustics create the ideal Beats experience with exceptional sound quality for an immersive audio experience. With just 5 minutes of charging, the new Fast Fuel gives you almost 2-hours of playback.

Difference Between Beats Studio and Solo

Designs of Beats Studio and Solo

Both the headphones have a similar streamlined design and are equally stylish and classy enough to attract a bunch of audiophiles and the classic “b” logo is, as usual, eye-catching as well. Both have attractive designs and pleasing aesthetics. However, the Studio is a little over on the bulky side and the earcups are so designed to wrap entirely around the ears, whereas in the Solo, the earcups rest against the ears.

Both are constructed from glossy plastic and have a refined appearance. Both can be worn for extended periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.

Sound Quality of Beats Studio and Solo

The credibility of headphones in terms of usability and, in some ways, price is determined in large part by their sound quality. Beats never compromises on sound quality, which explains why the Studio Wireless has amazing sound quality.

The Studio provides the right balance and perfect combination for an exceptional music listening experience. For listening to hip-hop and classical music, the emphasized lows, forward mids, and rich bass provide an amazing experience. The Solo lacks the impact of the Studio due to its shoddy sound.

Connectivity for Beats Studio and Solo

The Beats Solo has the new W1 chip from Apple, which makes it easier to pair with an iPhone running iOS 9 or later, giving it the biggest advantage over the Studio Wireless.

The Solo 3 is the first headphone to include Apple’s W1 chip, which enables automatic pairing to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and other Apple devices. The W1 chip is Apple’s take on wireless Bluetooth.

It is the first of its kind to guarantee high efficiency playback while also delivering a dependable connection. The traditional Bluetooth pairing process, which can occasionally be painful, is a wonderful diversion thanks to this.


While both headphones have an on-ear form factor and are quite similar in terms of design and aesthetics, you might have to give up comfort with the Solo 3. Even though the Solo 3 has a firm hold on your head, it doesn’t feel particularly comfortable when you consider the extended hours of nonstop music listening.

This is where the Studio Wireless over-the-ear design comes to the rescue, because the over-the-ear seems more comfortable for extended usage, plus the enclosure makes for a better listening experience minus the unwanted noise.

Why Are Beats So Expensive?

If there is one brand that has led the way in making style as important as clear audio quality, it is Beats. Although the household name’s marketing successes over the past ten years have put it in the good graces of celebrities across a variety of genres, the business’s most recent innovations have served as a reminder of its consistent advancement in areas where cutting-edge technology has made gains.

Many detractors focus on the heavy bass that is a trademark of the brand, but when you take into account how modern music is produced, Beats headphones accommodate the need for low end sound better than most of their rivals.

Summary of Beats Studio Vs. Solo

Some of the most well-liked headphones on the market can deliver the highest caliber listening experiences, if you can justify a hefty price tag.

The years of gap between the Studio and the Solo clearly put the former ahead of the latter, but that doesn’t necessarily put the studio leading the race for headphones. One excellent example of that is the brand-new Solo 3.

Both the new Solo 3 and Studio 3 Wireless are fantastic additions to the Beats Solo line-up. Both perform admirably in terms of comfort and sound quality, and the battery life is also excellent. Additionally, connectivity to Apple devices has never been simpler thanks to the company’s flagship W1 chip, a significant improvement over Bluetooth connectivity. Most likely, only cost would make you choose a Solo over a Studio.

What option do you therefore choose? Comment below with your share for un!

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Beats Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Listen to Beats Wirelessly?

No, you can also use the Solo 3 and Studio 3 wired with the RemoteTalk Control cable, which has a 3.5 mm connector.

Why Are Prices Inconsistent?

Based on a variety of variables, different retailers can set different price margins. To ensure you receive an authentic device, Beats advises buying from an authorized retailer. On the internet, counterfeit technology is frequently found.

Are Beats Solos Worth It?

That said, the Beats Solo3 Wireless is still a fine option, but just not worth its original price. If you do choose to use this headset, you will still get crucial features like excellent battery life, great Bluetooth connection with AAC support, and quick charging, all in a stylish, portable form factor.

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