How to Clean Up A Frigidaire Ice Maker – 5 Easy Steps


The frigidaire ice makers have become more and more convenient household appliances. Compared to freezers that take hours to make ice, frigidaire ice makers can turn water into ice cubes within a few minutes. So it’s necessary to know how to clean up ice makers properly to make sure they work well and make ice as efficiently as possible. Here are some helpful solutions for you to clean your frigidaire Ice maker which will help you clean up your frigidaire ice maker effectively and will make your Ice Maker look like a new one. 

Frigidaire Ice Maker

5 Steps to Clean A Frigidaire Ice Maker

Step 1: Unplug Your Ice Maker

Please make sure your Ice Maker is switched off before you clean your Frigidaire Ice Maker. This is a very important step as many people make the mistake and start cleaning it off while the Ice Maker is on. Make sure everything is turned off, otherwise you may get an electric shock while cleaning off your Ice Maker.

Step 2: Remove Ice Bin

After unplugging your Ice Maker, then you can remove the Ice Bin from the Ice Maker gently. It is not necessary to wear gloves, but since there is a pandemic going on it is good and safe to take some protective measures while you are cleaning your household.

After removing the Ice Maker, you will see there is already some water clogged in there. You will also find some layered Ice in the Ice Bin. Drain out the water and the Ice from the bin.

Step 3: Wash The Interior And Exterior Of Your Frigidaire with Detergents and Clear Water:

After Ice Bin is dry off, then use some detergents to gently clean the inside of the Ice Bin. Make sure the water is clear while you washing the inside of the Ice Bin and the Maker.

The next important thing is to clean the Ice Maker with proper materials. You can use a cloth and warm clear water to rinse the inside and outside of the Ice Maker. After cleaning the inside and outside of the Ice Maker, do not leave it off-dry. 

Then dry off the interior part of the Ice Bin and also the exterior part of your Frigidaire with a soft cloth. Remember to make sure the Ice Bin is totally dried off before you gently put it back inside the Frigidaire.

Step 4: Use Of Vinegar And Lemon Water: 

After you finish the third step, now pour a ratio of 10:1 of water and vinegar or water and Lemon juice into the Ice Bin and make Ice Cubes with either of these two solutions. After making Ice cubes with the solution, drain the cubes into the sink or wherever it is convenient for you. Repeat this circle at least two or three times and then make a new batch of Ice Cubes with regular water and for the very last time drain them again.

Keep repeating the circle, until and unless you will not find any smell of the solution in the Ice Cubes. Once you are sure that the Ice Cubes do not smell or taste of that particular solution, your Ice Bin is clean and ready to make Ice again.

Step 5: Plugging Your Ice Maker On:

Now it is time to plug your Ice Maker and resume the servIce.This step seems to be easy, but actually, there are still some necessary things that you should do before finally resuming the servIce

  1. Make sure the exterior part is properly cleaned with a detergent or a solution of vinegar, lemon, and warm water.

2. Before you put the plug on and start making Ice again, make sure both the interior and exterior part is cleaned with the solution and extremely dried off.

The Proper Time To Clean Your Frigidaire Ice Maker?

It is common for people to ask about the right time for cleaning the ice maker, but there is no specific answer. It depends on the usage of the ice maker, but anyway, you should clean your ice maker after the interval of two months. If the ice cubes have started smelling bad or have a weird taste, t is telling you that it’s time to clean your ice maker. Do not forget, that you should clean the ice maker when the ice cubes become smaller and start melting quickly.

Things You Need To Use To Clean Your Frigidaire Ice Maker

There are some necessary things that you can use to clean your Frigidaire Ice Maker. 

  1. Some Pieces Of Lemon.
  2. Vinegar.
  3. Clean Dry Clothes.
  4. Sponges. 
  5. Warm Water.
  6. Gloves.
  7. Detergent Powder

How To Maintain Your Frigidaire Ice Maker

1. Tips 1- Don’t Keep Your Frigidaire Ice Maker Unnecessarily On: There is no point in keeping the Ice Maker on if you are out of the house for more than two days.

Tips 2- Clean It Correctly: It is very important to clean your Ice Maker to work fine and for your Ice cubes to taste great.

Tips 3- Clean It Regularly: Clean your Ice Maker with a dry rug every week, it will help to keep the dirt from going inside the Ice Maker. You can also clean your Ice Bin or Storage each day from any molds and bacteria to take place and from all kinds of impurities.

Final Verdict

Well, it’s important to clean your Frigidaire Ice Maker in the correct ways. It is not difficult but it surely does take some time and patience. Maintaining your Ice Maker will also help you to make quality Ice cubes and the taste will be very nice. 

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