How to Clean a Maytag Washer


What do you do if your Maytag front-loading washing machine smells bad? Cleaning gaskets and tubs with the right technique can eliminate odors, and ongoing maintenance can prevent odors. Thankfully, cleaning your Maytag washer is so easy, it doesn’t take a lot of time and doesn’t require any special products or tools. In this article, we’ll cover our simple six-step cleaning method. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step instructions and your Maytag washer will look sparkling in no time.

Why Does My Maytag Washer Stink?

While using less water to wash clothes makes a front-load washer more efficient, it can also create odor issues. Less water means dirt and debris are less likely to be expelled and left in the tub. Not using HE cleaners or using too much of the correct cleaner can also leave soapy water and residue.

When combined with lingering dirt or debris, smelly mold can grow quickly in a warm, humid tub. Rubber gaskets also provide the perfect trap for collecting dirt and debris, as well as for odor generation. So, how do I get my front load washer to stop smelling? Cleaning gaskets and tubs with the following techniques can eliminate odors at their source.

Clean your Maytag washer in 6 steps

Clean a Maytag Washer

Step 1 – Wear protective gloves and a mask (if you have one) to prevent yourself from contacting or inhaling any dangerous chemicals or mold in the Maytag machine.

Step 2 – Prepare a cleaning solution in a container containing 2 cups hot water and 1/2 cup bleach, or in a natural case, combine 2 cups hot water with 1/2/2 cup white vinegar and 1/4 cup lemon juice mix. After mixing your preferred cleaning solution, pour it into a spray bottle.

Step 3 – Start by cleaning the Maytag washer door. If you have a front loader Maytag washer, you can spray the cleaning solution into the door gaskets/seals and clean thoroughly with a damp cloth and brush (if needed). If you have a top-loading washer, you can give the door a good clean with a sprayer and a damp cloth.

Step 4 – Clean the rest of the outside of the Maytag washer with a cleaning solution and a damp cloth. If needed, unplug your Maytag washing machine from the wall and wipe down the floor below as well.

Step 5 – Once the outside is clean, you can clean the inside by running the wash cycle without any laundry. If you’re using a bleach solution, fill the dedicated bleach compartment with a cleaning solution. If you’re using natural cleaning fluid, fill the detergent compartment. Whichever solution was used, pour the remaining solution into the Maytag washing machine drum. You can now switch it to a dedicated wash cycle, or, if your Maytag washer doesn’t have one, just switch it to the hottest heavy-duty wash cycle.

Step 6 – After the wash cycle is complete, open the Maytag washer door and dry the door gasket and interior with a clean cloth. After drying, open the door of the Maytag washing machine and let it dry naturally for a few hours before using it.

Tips to keep your Maytag washer clean

Hopefully, with the above six steps, you were able to successfully clean your Maytag washing machine and now it smells clean and fresh. To help keep your Maytag washing machine clean, follow these simple tips.

  • After each use, give the Maytag washing machine a quick wipe down. It’s a good idea to give your Maytag washing machine a quick wipe after each wash to stop moisture from building up inside. If you have a front loader gasket, pay special attention to the door gasket/seal.
  • Leave the Maytag washing machine door open. After each wash, keep the washer door open and allow it to dry naturally. This will also stop moisture from building up in your Maytag washer as it could turn into mold.
  • Do not put washed clothes in the Maytag washing machine. Make sure you don’t leave wet clothes in the Maytag washing machine for too long after the wash cycle, as this can cause moisture to build up. If you’re going out to turn on the Maytag washing machine, use a timer so the laundry cycle ends when you get home again.
  • Clean gaskets/seals. If you have a front-loading washer, the door gasket/seal is one of the most likely places to get mold. To prevent this from happening, clean the gaskets/seals regularly, you may not have to clean the inside of the washer as often as you used to.


The Maytag brand’s line of laundry equipment includes top-loading and front-loading washers.

Like any brand of Maytag washing machine, your Maytag washing machine needs regular cleaning to help it continue to run efficiently, stop the growth of odor-causing mold and bacteria, and remove dust, dirt, or marks that can damage the Maytag washing machine’s surface or cause staining. Cleaning a Maytag washing machine only requires wiping the outside regularly, cleaning the dispenser, and washing the inside of the washer drum at least once a month.

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