How Many Amps Does A Microwave Use?


Like everything else, microwaves have their own electrical requirements to work efficiently.

Microwaves run on electricity, but how much energy do they use, and how much does it cost on average to run a microwave?

Knowing the number of amperes your microwave uses can help you determine how fast food is cooked and how much it costs to use the device. In fact, some microwave ovens have variable power settings, which makes it difficult to determine how many amperes it uses.

We will answer you how many amps a microwave use, your electrical requirements, and the use of microwaves.

What is an Amp?


Amperage is a unit of measurement that measures how many electrons are in a circuit. Amperes are used to determine the power of the circuit, and in most cases, a higher ampere usually means more power, but the amperes are closely related to the voltage to produce the final output. But there are other factors to consider when determining the power of things like microwaves. Although the ampere provides a baseline measure of circuit power, it is closely related to voltage.

Voltage is a measure of pressure in a circuit. When you multiply the amperes of the circuit by the voltage, you end up with watts. Watt is the Omnidirectional electrical measurement of most appliances such as microwaves.

Reasons You Need To Know The Amperage Of Your Microwave

Knowing the amperes of microwaves will improve security and protect your device from damage that can be caused by plugging a device with high amperes into a circuit that supports only low amperes.

You can safely plug low-ampere-number microwaves into high-ampere-number circuits without any problems.

For example, you can safely plug a 15 amp microwave into a 20 amp circuit, but you can’t plug a 20 amp microwave into a 15 amp circuit.

How many amps does a microwave use? 

A standard 1000-watt microwave consumes about 10 amperes.

The average microwave power range is 600 watts to 1200 watts and the current is 5.4 to 10 amperes.

The higher the power, the more amperes the microwave requires. The higher the current, the faster the device cooks the food.

How To Calculate Microwave Amp Usage

Calculating the amperes of microwaves is easier than you might think.

Just follow these two simple steps to get results.

Step 1: Collect product information

The two most important things you want to know about a microwave oven are the power and voltage of the device.

Power varies widely, but most microwaves operate at 120 volts, and some vary very little (e.g. 110 volts).

If you also have a user manual, it will provide all the necessary details. If you don’t have a manual, you can study your microwave online to learn more, but pay close attention to details so you don’t get values for similar but different models.

Step 2: Calculate the amperes

To calculate the amperes, divide the watts by the voltage. Example:

600 watts /120 volts =5 amperes

1000 watts /120 volts =9 amperes

What Factors Affect How Much Amps a Microwave Uses?


Here are a few factors that can affect your microwave usage or the amount of power your microwave absorbs.

Firstly,  the size of the microwave. Larger microwaves, more amps. Larger microwaves use more power than smaller ones.

Secondly, the type of food you heat. If you’re reheating something thick, like a frozen dinner, it requires more energy than a cup of coffee.

Thirdly, the time you heat your food. The longer you heat food, the more amps it uses. 

Finally, microwave power. Higher power microwaves consume more power than lower power microwaves.

What Can You Do To Reduce the Number of Amps?

The first step is to choose a smaller microwave. If you don’t need a big one, don’t buy it!

Second, try heating the food for a while.

Third, make sure to use a low-power microwave. By following these steps, you can save electricity and money.

There are also some simple ways to save energy when using a microwave.

One way is to cook small amounts of food. That way, you don’t have to heat up as much food and use less energy.

Another way to save energy using a microwave is to defrost food before cooking it. By doing so, you will use less energy.

By following these simple tips, you can easily save amps and energy when using your microwave. So the next time you want to save some energy, remember these tips. You’d be surprised what a difference they can make.

Final Thoughts

We have introduced you to how many amperes a microwave requires. The number of amperes is directly related to the wattages of the microwave, but most microwaves consume about 10 amperes. We hope this article will be helpful and informative.

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