How to Clean Up A Flat a Top Grill – Materials & Steps


Having a flat-top grill not only allows you to introduce foods like scrambled eggs and pancakes into your diet, but you don’t have to worry about sparks that can occur when hot fat drips onto burning coals. However, flat stoves have much more surface area than regular stoves, which means you’ll need to clean more of them. You may wonder “How to clean a flat top grill” when you’re done with enjoying grilled salsa verde, corn tortillas, steamy grilled BBQ ribs, and butter pancake? 

But don’t let that discourage you. We will show you how to clean the flat-top grill.

Flat a top Grill

How Often Should You Clean A Flat Top Grill?

The good news is, if you treat them well, you won’t need to do a full deep clean that often. Cleaning after each cook can help make your griddle last much longer. 

If you’re not using the griddle often and it’s just sitting in storage, you can just apply a nice wipe down every now and then just to make sure no moisture is finding its way in.

Materials To Clean A Flat Top Grill – 10 Materials to Deep Clean

Before you begin, get some high-quality paper towels to wipe the surface of the grill. This will absorb excess grease and wipe away any small bits of food that were left behind.

1. Vinegar and Water

Take an equal amount of water and raw vinegar and put it in a spraying bottle. Spray the mixture on the hot griddle and let it remove all the grease. Turn the grill off, then add a large measure of the vinegar and water solution to rinse away the residue, scraping it off with the grill brush. When the surface has cooled again, wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

2. Dishwashing Liquid

Liquid dish soap and water provide another, easier way to clean the flat top. Squirt a generous amount of regular liquid dish soap into a wet sponge and wipe the surface until all of the drippings have been eliminated. Run a second sponge under hot water and use it to wipe down the surface to remove any lingering traces of soap.

3. Lemon Juice

Repeat the process described for Vinegar and Water, above, instead of using a mixture of one part lemon juice to two parts warm water. This method is preferred by some individuals who find the scent and flavor of vinegar to be too overpowering.

4. Steam

It’s really an easy way to clean up your flat grill if you have water. Just simply turn the grill to high and use a grill brush to scrape away any residue. Then add more water and repeat the procedure until the surface is clean.

5. Hot Oil

When the flat grill is still hot, pour oil on the grill. Scrub the cooking appliance with a griddle brick in a circular motion to mix it with food debris and extra fat. After doing this you can just wipe the loosened debris and get a clean flat top grill!

6. Soda Water

Pour some club soda on your flat top grill when it’s hot is another method that can be performed using simple pantry staples as carbonation relaxes and eradicates hardened food debris and extra fat.

7. Onion

You can easily clean a flat top grill with an onion. While the grill is still hot, you just have to use an onion to scrub the surface and clean any dripping with a paper towel. The onion will absorb the drippings and clear away any debris. 

8. Coffee

You can also try coffee as a flat top cleaner to clean your kitchen grill. You need to bathe it with coffee to loosen up food debris, dirt, and oil. Then simply scrape off the food debris with a wire brush and drain the fluid.

9. Beer

It’s also a useful way to clean up your flat grill with beer. Similar to a coffee method, but with a welcome kick of carbonation. Use a bear to cover the surface of the flat top and scrub it all over using a wire brush. When you’ve done with this step, drain the liquid and use a few paper towels to remove any excess beer from the surface.


Steps to Clean Your Flat Top Grill or Griddle

Step 1: When the surface of your flat top is beginning to hold food and residue while you’re cooking, simply use your bench scraper to scrape it down into the grease trough. 

Step 2: After you’re done cooking, use your bench scraper to scrape the surface of the grill, directing all of the leftover residues into the grease trough. Larger pieces of food will block the drain to the grease trap, and your grease trough could overflow onto your deck. So if there are a lot of larger pieces of food debris, use the side of your spatula to scoop them up against the side wall of the flat top, and then just throw them in the trash. 

Step 3: Use a paper towel or rag to wipe down the surface of the flat top grill while it is still helps to dry off the grill so that it doesn’t rust, also it distributes the residual grease or oil onto the flat top which helps to protect and season it.

Step 4:Apply a thin layer of seasoning to your clean flat top grill. This extra step helps to protect your Camp Chef or Blackstone grill and prevents rust. It also helps to keep the cooking surface non-stick, similarly to seasoning a cast-iron skillet.

What to Never Do When Cleaning Your Flat Top Grill

Now we know the methods and materials that can clean up a flat top grill. A big question is what can’t you do when you clean up a flat top grill? Because cleaning up a flat top grill in the wrong way can also turn into your worst enemy. Never use the bench scraper back and forth in a cutting-like motion. You should also make sure that the entire edge of the scraper makes contact with the griddle surface at the same time. Using the bench scraper tool improperly can cause serious damage to the griddle surface.


We have provided you with comprehensive advice on how to clean flat-top grills. If you want to keep your flat grills in pristine condition, clean them immediately after each use. Not only does this extend the life of the flat-top grill, but it also prevents flavors from mixing. So, perfect flavor requires a clean, flat-topped grill, free of contaminants from previously cooked food.

To that end, take a close look at your grill structure and, depending on your flat-top grill material, use a cleaning method you think is second to none. Clean happy!

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