How to Reheat Rice in Microwave? Complete Guide


Leftover rice is not to be underestimated. Learning how to reheat rice in microwave is vital in our daily life. It’s an instant shortcut for easy dinners and sides like fried rice, loaded grain bowls, cheesy casserole recipes, and more.

what happens when you make too much rice on the stovetop—it never hurts to be prepared!—and don’t want it to go to waste? Don’t feel obligated to put it in the trash or to pile more food on everyone’s plate.

You already have a method in your freezer for reheating cooked rice without causing it to dry out even more. Keep reading and learn the detailed reheating process.

How to Reheat Rice in the Microwave?

The fastest method for reheating rice, according to Tang, is in the microwave. Put your cooked rice in a bowl or container that can go in the microwave first. For each cup of cooked rice in the container, Tang advises adding one tablespoon of water to provide moisture and re-steam the rice.

Reheat Rice in Microwave

Any rice clumps should be broken up with a fork. Rice should be reheated for one minute on high while being covered with a clean, damp kitchen towel. Remove the towel from the dish and stir the rice thoroughly after the microwave has finished. To ensure that the rice is thoroughly heated, place the towel back on top of the container and microwave it for an additional one to two minutes.

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