How to Make Your Microwave Silent – 5 Easy Ways


Microwaves are becoming amazing electrical devices that make our lives more and more convenient. But, the one thing that annoys most users is the annoying noise the appliance makes. So the question is how do you silence a microwave? There are five common and helpful ways to silence a microwave.

Well, don’t suffer anymore, we’re giving you our tips and tricks to stop those dreaded beeps. Here are the ways.


When Should You Silence A Microwave?

It’s not always a good choice to silence your microwave’s beeps, but there are some moments where it just makes sense.

As long as you are able to remember the time when you put food in your microwave, you will want to silence your microwave from time to time as you may get irritated from hearing the high-pitched beeps. This option also does a lot for discretion. For example, if you are entertaining other people and need to use the microwave to discretely heat up some food, then it can also be a good idea to keep your microwave on silent temporarily. Finally, if you feel like your microwave has been beeping a little too much from a faulty sensor, keeping it on silent can make things more manageable.

When Should You Keep A Microwave’s Sound On?

It is advised you that keep your microwave’s beeping alerts on if you have a tendency of being forgetful in the kitchen, this really makes sense.

In addition, it’s also a good way to help prevent you from letting food get cold after brief heating sessions while keeping your microwave beeping on.

How Do You Silence A Microwave with a Sound Button?

There are several ways to silence that beeping noise, and which works well depends on what the microwave is doing, the model that you have, and whether it’s broken.

Put Your Microwave on Mute

It’s a super way. There is an in-built silent mode that is not publicized on most new microwaves. Most major brands in the microwave manufacturing business have a silent mode, if you toggle it on, then you will never hear the beep again. 

Check Out the Button Pad of The Microwave.

 There are sound options on the keypad on the front of most newer versions of microwave ovens. You should be able to navigate to the sound settings and turn down the volume of the microwave because there won’t be a button named “Silence” in your microwave to silence your appliance.

Explore the Remote Control

If there are remote control with several buttons, but you don’t know the functionalities, it’s best for you to study it carefully. Check out all the keys in the remote and look for sound control options available in your “smart microwave.” For some microwaves, you can silence a microwave without a sound button on the keypad as these microwaves can be connected to your phones, then it’s easy to set silence mode on your phones.

 Check User Manual

There is all the information about the appliance’s functionalities on the user manual of your microwave, which includes how can you set the silent mode. It should also contain graphic instructions to put the device in silent mode 

Go Online & Download User Manual PDF file

Or sometimes, you don’t want to read a user manual and may be lost the user manual. In such cases, you can always go online, visit the manufacturer’s website, type in your model number, and download the user manual.

The advantage of reading a PDF user manual is that it helps the user quickly search for keywords and find them instantly. 

What Can You Do if  A Microwave Without A Sound Button

If there is no sound button on your microwave, you can look for the settings hidden inside the keypad. Some keys will have dual functionalities, and most probably, long-pressing or holding down the “0” button or the “1” button or the “Cancel button” will grant you access to the sound settings of the microwave. If this doesn’t work, don’t give up yet.

You can always read the manual or go online to find the specific key binding to access the sound setting. The user manual will guide where you can find the keys you need to press to access the sound settings of the microwave.

What to Look for In Your New Microwave?

The features that you should look for in a microwave could fill up a whole article on their own, but if you want to make sure your next model is silent, look for a sound button on the microwave you want to get.

If you are also looking for low noise levels when your microwave is cooking things up, you should keep an eye open for microwaves that are advertised as “low noise” or “silent running.”

Reasons For Microwave Make Noise

  • There is no silent mode on your microwave. Actually, it’s not a big issue, if you notice that your microwave does not have a lot of the bigger features you want, it could be a sign that it is time to upgrade.
  • Your microwave appears to be broken. If your microwave’s heating seems to be out of control, stop using your appliance. It’s really dangerous because it’s broken to the point of being a potential fire hazard and needs to be replaced.
  • The microwave has been used for a long time. Though there are some models that have longer staying power, even the most well-maintained microwaves will be subject to wear and tear. After a decade or two of regular use, you probably should consider getting a new microwave.


There are many reasons that your microwave could potentially make sounds. Maybe your microwave wants to remind you of the food you’ve left inside or the timer that shows the time left for cooking. If the matter of noise is simply a desire to quit hearing beeps altogether, using your microwave’s built-in “Silent Mode” controls will work hard. You can find them by looking for the Sound button or flipping through your microwave’s manual.

Of course, not all microwaves come with a “beep-free” option, it’s best to replace your microwave with a newer model if your microwave doesn’t have sound controls.

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