Can Amazon Echo Go in the Bathroom? (Answered)


Can Amazon Echo go in the rathroom? Yes, you can use Amazon Echo in the bathroom peacefully. Amazon Echo is now waterproof and portable, so you can place it on any bathroom shelf or corner thanks to modern technology.

Your bathroom’s Echo speaker will make this worry a thing of the past. It’s as simple as saying, “Alexa, skip,” to go on to the next track!

This article will discuss some additional benefits of having an Amazon Echo in the bathroom as well as the best location to have it fixed. Continue reading!

Benefits of Amazon Echo

Have you ever wondered what happened to the bathroom’s missing items? For example, it happens to us in a daily routine that we forget about most of our daily useful things, which leads us to come back to the place at the end, we say Oh No!

The magic begins there!

We forget the most useful items to purchase for a home because of our busy lives and don’t remember many things to write down. Fortunately, Alexa can help you now, so the issue has been resolved.

I just mentioned forgetting daily tasks here, so let’s look at some other advantages of having an Amazon Echo in the bathroom.

1. Control Your Shower

Has your bathroom been outfitted with a smart shower? If so, you can use Amazon Echo to regulate the temperature and flow of water.

Connect Alexa to your smart shower so you can control everything with your voice and personalize your bathing experience.

2. Order Quick Items

When using soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. in the bathroom, you have probably encountered that. is finished. But you can’t go to the store at that time.

If you’ve enabled buying through the Alexa app, just tell Amazon Alexa to order the things you need online. Just say to Alexa what you want to purchase and she will add items to your shopping cart.

3. Create the Romantic Mode in the Bathroom

Do you have any intelligent LED lights in the bathroom? You may have, then with the help of Amazon Echo, you can control the lights with just voice commands. Create an illusion in the space and make it romantic as desired.

Do you know these smart lights have millions of color variations? Explore them, and create a colorful environment that will cheer you up.

4. Listen to Your Favorites

Can Amazon Echo Go in the Bathroom

What controls are there for your music in the restroom? With phone? huh!

Who would like to skip showering and change each song manually? You no longer need to take any steps thanks to the Amazon Echo smart device. All you have to do is tell Alexa to start playing your favorite songs. You can also start listening to podcasts or an audiobook.

Request to skip the song if you don’t like it. You can just picture the time when using voice commands to easily control the things you like will be commonplace. Ask Alexa to make a separate playlist just for your favorites so you won’t have to listen to more of the other songs.

5. Create a To-do List

I don’t mean to sound crazy, but the majority of your forgotten items are found in the bathroom.

On your phone or computer, ask Alexa to create a to-do list. Just keep telling Alexa and create reminders to remember.

6. Schedule Your Day

Usually, the first thing we do in the morning is use the restroom. your day has not been scheduled! Just tell Alexa what you do every day and tell her what your plans are for today.

7. Ask the Weather and Today’s City News

Alexa is frequently questioned by me about the weather and current events in the city. My day is easier for me to organize in this way.

You are also able to take that action. Follow the daily weather forecasts and local news to stay informed. to help you plan your day and be aware of what is going on. Recognize the safest route for today’s meetings and the current traffic situation.

All of this you may have experienced some time, that “I wish someone could tell you earlier”. But your wish has come true now!

What’s the Best Place to Keep Amazon Echo in the Bathroom?

You probably won’t want to leave your device near the bathroom sink or toilet because those places could expose it to germs. The faucet, shelf, or hook that is free from water drops and always remains dry is the best place to store Alexa in the restroom.

There are a few things to think about, though, before putting your Amazon Echo in the restroom.

  1. To avoid getting wet, make sure that it is not too close to the bathroom or shower.
  2. Consider where the electrical outlets are so that you can quickly plug things in.
  3. To ensure that natural light doesn’t affect how it works, keep it away from any windows.
  4. Consider the ventilation in your bathroom so that the Echo doesn’t overheat.
  5. To ensure that it operates properly, locate a place where it can sit flat.

Conclusion: Can Amazon Echo Go in the Bathroom

Although the Amazon Echo is a useful gadget to have in any room, the bathroom is where it can be most helpful. Since you have most of your free time in the bathroom to think while also wanting to enjoy it, it can be very helpful.

Furthermore, I’d say that you guys are not the first users who are considering using an Amazon Echo in the bathroom if you’re worried about waterproofing and humidity. There are still a lot of users who particularly fixed these devices in their bathrooms.

Overall, using an Amazon Echo in the bathroom poses no risks and is completely secure.

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