Do WiFi Boosters Increase Internet Speed?


Faster internet is never a bad thing. We all know we want fast WiFi internet speeds, but we probably don’t think about it until we experience buffering videos, lag video games, or web browsers that take forever to load. A single Wi-Fi router sometimes struggles to cover an entire home with a strong signal. At this point, you need to use a WiFi extender. Do WiFi boosters increase internet speed?

What Is A Wi-Fi Booster?

A Wi-Fi extender is an accessory used with a router to extend or extend coverage. These devices take the signal from your existing network and then extend that signal to other areas of your home or business. Some backers might even add new features to your current network.

Types of WiFi Boosters

A good wireless internet connection depends on speed and coverage. WiFi extenders can be wired or wireless. Here are some examples:

  • wireless repeater
  • wireless range extender
  • wireless network extender
  • MoCA adapter (wired)
  • Mesh WiFi (Wired)

Do Wi-Fi Boosters Increase Your Internet Speed?

In many cases, Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi extenders will increase your internet speed. The further the distance between the Wi-Fi source and the wireless device, the slower the device will connect. Extending that signal will allow devices to be farther apart from the router, allowing for a better connection that will result in faster internet speeds.

You should take a good look at your particular situation and go through a process of elimination to determine if a Wi-Fi extender will increase your speed.

How Do Wi-Fi Boosters Operate?

How Do Wi-Fi Boosters Operate?

Your Wi-Fi router may not be able to cover the entire space and provide a strong wireless signal. This can cause interruptions when playing online games, streaming video, or even browsing the internet. Therefore, it is very important to place the Wi-Fi extender in the second area of the home. It distributes the router’s existing signal to the device.

Without a supercharger, the router won’t be able to cover the entire space. So the extender will extend the Wi-Fi signal. It will sit between the router and the dead zone to create a better network. In some cases, they can also create separate networks.

How Far Do Wi-Fi Boosters Coverage Reach?

Although Wi-Fi extenders have different capabilities, they may depend on different physical obstacles, such as walls and ceilings, and material types. Another important factor to consider is the thickness of obstacles and radio signals that may interfere with the router. Still, Wi-Fi extenders can cover areas ranging from 75 to 3,000 square feet. However, you must also consider the range of your router.

How Do I Know If I Need A Wi-Fi Booster?

Wi-Fi Boosters

There are many situations that can benefit from a Wi-Fi range extender. There are a few things you have to consider, though, as this isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all situation.

So, how do I know it’s time to install a Wi-Fi speaker? Here are the main cases where there are reasons to buy:

  • Expand coverage. Wi-Fi extenders sit between the router and a potential dead zone. They either amplify or redistribute existing Wi-Fi signals to cover those areas.
  • Multi-story or sprawling single-story homes often require Wi-Fi speakers.
  • Some parts of your home are slow. It’s probably not that you’ve completely lost connection in one part of your house. In those faraway places, you may have an unstable connection or a slower connection.
  • Better access to the outdoors. Accessing your home from the backyard or garage can sometimes be difficult. Access is easier with a Wi-Fi extender or extender.

The following reasons are sometimes considered, but this is not the best use-case scenario to justify a Wi-Fi extender. If you want to upgrade your network, you may want to buy a new Mesh Wifi system.

  • Added features and benefits. Some Wi-Fi extenders and extenders feature advanced technologies such as beamforming, dual-band Wi-Fi, and companion apps. These may help improve the efficiency of the network
  • Equipment capacity is larger. Wi-Fi extenders can increase the router’s ability to handle more devices and traffic. Although SSIDs are independent, so if I don’t have any dead spots, I probably wouldn’t go in this direction.

Other Devices To Increase Internet Speed

If your router is in a perfect central location, but you still have speed or connectivity issues in certain areas of your home, adding a device is a great way to extend the range of your network. So far we’ve seen how boosters and extenders accomplish this. In addition to these options, there are other devices that can increase network coverage.

Wired Access Points: Unlike wireless Wi-Fi boosters, these connect to the router via an Ethernet cable. They distribute Wi-Fi and LAN signals as an extension of the network. These also work on older routers.

Powerline Extenders: These kits come with 2 devices. One is connected to the router via ethernet and plugged into an outlet, and the other is plugged into the target point, where you want your Wi-Fi signal to be better. The signal is wired through and increases the range.

Mesh Wi-Fi System: Instead of using a single router, one or more devices work together to form a Wi-Fi network. The network covers your entire home from multiple access points, increasing coverage.


No matter how wide your Wi-Fi router’s coverage is, there will always be areas with weaker signals, and as a result, internet speeds will fluctuate. You can buy a Wi-Fi extender to boost signal strength and extend coverage, allowing the signal to reach corners as well as outside areas.

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